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Success Strategy: Talk your Walk!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Everyone says you should "walk the talk"....but I believe you should Talk Your Walk!

I was "walking the talk" for a long time. The talk of a depressed 40 something ish overwhelmed woman who put her career on hold for her family, whose time went from laundry to toilet scrubbing, who talked about being lost and invisible....I did walk that talk. Every day I pointed out hardships and failures to myself. I lived in an "if only" world...if only I could lose weight, if only we had an easier time financially, IF ONLY! I was the one talking...and my steps fell in line to go with what I was saying.

Now, I try to talk my walk! I told everyone who would listen that I was struggling...is there anyone out there who has NOT heard me crying out for help, advice, motivation??!! But I also started telling people I was trying to change- I told them what I was trying to do. I blogged every Wednesday with results and goals. I shared, with anyone who would listen, what I was trying to do- my "walk"- and I "talked it up" often! To the point, in fact, that I felt somewhat embarrassed for all the blogs I posted about ME- my goals, My results, My challenges. After all, I am not the center of the universe or of Spark. But it was crucial, and still is, to me.

I need to feel accountable. I pictured and questioned what my Sparkfriends would say or do in any given situation. Many of you talked me out of ice cream and into exercise (thank you!) just because your presence caused me to take the time to reflect on my actions. I thought about my behaviors more. I know it may seem silly to need to feel that you are being held accountable, but I never, ever said I was not silly or childish emoticon And part of my talk became asking for help and taking it! Knowing I could not do this alone, and reaching out so I wouldn't be.

I also TALKED the WALK I wanted to take. I am not fit...yet. I am not at goal....yet. I still binge. I still slide. But I chose to focus and TALK about the things I wanted to do...the place I want to get to-the achievements I want to have. I talk about accomplishments, not about hills left to climb. I remind the people around me that if I get quiet about my journey in my words or inaction- to get me going again!

So, although I am still fairly fresh in my journey, this mindset has helped me, and I hope maybe it touches someone else. TALK about where you are going...or where you are headed. Don't walk in your current shoes- walk in the shoes you want to have- and you will change. Talk about your diet, your exercise..read about and learn about all the things you can do to help you, join a team, get an accountability partner- remind yourself often about what you are doing and why. Tell us- blog- post a status...keep on talking! (and make sure you keep on walking, too!)

Whether I ever reach my goal is not really the important thing here. What is important to me is that I have really learned my thought and self talk really do guide my actions...so I should choose those words and thoughts carefully!

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