Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well, I sort of disappeared for a couple of weeks.

It has been a bit frustrating trying to count calories when I'm not generally in control of what I'm eating. Weekends are especially hard; sometimes, nothing I ate is really in the tracker and I have to sit down and figure out what the closest thing is, guess at how much I ate, and so on. It gets me sort of upset.

So I stopped tracking. I stopped logging in. I've kept working out (pat on the back!) but I've started shoving my hand into the bags of chocolate like, 5 times a day. (Bags of chocolate! Arg.) If I were counting, there's no way I'd be doing that.

On the upside, I don't think I've gained any weight. But I most certainly won't be losing, and in time, I think my habits would slip into eating more and more, more often, more bad choices. So... I tracked breakfast.

It's a step in the right direction, yes? I did it on a whim. I will try to recommit, come back, and track the rest of the day. I plan to work out later... I'll track that too! That's always my favourite, because I always feel good about it.

I'm really starting to like my fitter body and get used to the size I am. If I can't lose any more while living here, that would be okay, I think. As long as I don't gain, and I keep working on the fitness, I could be happy at this weight (even though I wanted more distance from the "overweight" BMI category).

But, in life, we have to fight for the things we want. They don't come easy. Sometimes they're frustrating.

I'd like to be a fighter.
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    To add to what STEVEN2Go2 said, a best guess is better than fretting about it or not tracking at all. Tracking, at least for me, and it sounds like you, is so crucial for staying focused. I've found that sometimes when updating my nutrition I don't know exactly what went into a recipe of something I ate (my wife made it and the time isn't convenient to get the details), I'll search what others have entered. I've found more often than not something close. SparkPeople has been around for about 10 years now, so lots of people have entered the nutritional value of their own recipes, and I expect if they went to the trouble to do it, they probably took some care in figuring out the values. If I find a few recipes posted for what seems to be the same meal, I'll have a quick look at the nutritional value of each, looking for consistency, then usually choosing the one with the highest calorie count to be conservative. If it's something we have somewhat regularly I'll go back and get the recipe and enter it for next time. Getting reasonably close and maybe over estimating a little by using someone else's recipe I think is better than not tracking at all and thinking you've got this calorie cushion when in fact you don't.
    1702 days ago
    emoticon You are doing so well. I have problems too with that darn nutrition tracker. Sometimes you just have to give it your best guess. Try not to become too focused on the numbers, sometimes it is just a best estimate. As long as you continue with your exercise you will do well. Good luck with that BMI!
    1702 days ago
  • NKING1982
    Love your positive attitude, sounds like you are doing great, so keep up the good work. Tracking is hard for me too, especially on the weekends. But i found that just cutting out some of those extra little things can make a big difference, oh and portion control (big problem for me) Good luck
    1702 days ago
    You're starting to like your fitter body and you said that you will try to recommit That sounds like where I have been for the past month. Finally, yesterday, I said to myself that, yes, I do like my body thinner and fitter, and yes, I am recommitting! It's the only body we have - we can do this - you are worth it.
    1702 days ago
    1702 days ago
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