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I just CAN'T DO THIS !! Sparks was RIGHT !!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Go ahead and CHALLENGE ME !! See if "my attitude" IS BAD around it,,,,, but, I TRIED with ALL I COULD and I Just COULD NOT DO IT !!

So YOU TRY IT !!! It has to do with when we have to MUCH STRESS in life, it's like trying to it.

Stand up and tense your leg muscles. Now, without relaxing them at all, try to jump. Can't be done. Fact is, tense muscles can't perform. You have to be somewhat loose before you can spring into action. With less Stress in your life, you'll be able to use your physical and mental muscle. It's a lot more fun too.

Makes sense huh? After you try it,,, and CAN'T You come to realize that BAD STRESS is like this,,, it KEEPS YOU DOWN !

SPARKS has A LOT of articles,,,,, as do other sites on the net,,, about how to handle stress. IF it's causing you to emotionally eat,,, or something else is, it NEEDS to be addressed and worked on. Sometimes it's our natural family, as it IS in MY Case...... so what I've done, to get them SLOWLY AWAY From me. OH I am SURE now they realize I have about NOTHING to do with 2 of my "brothers" who I grew up with, but just cos ur family is related gives them NO CAUSE to criticize us !!! And one of them WAS SO MUCH !!! I do NOT need him in MY life now. The other one, I am sad to say is Extremely Biopolar,,, and I am also, ,,, but he uses his to "excuse" his behaviors instead of working on them. "They fired me because I am bipolar" he said to me,,, and it's been about 3 yrs, but he WANTS REVERENGE !! NOT a way to live,,,and I do NOT like his anger,,,it scares me. I had ENOUGH of THAT as I grew up. I've changed,,,,, I am a calm, lovable person now,,,,, and my now family (the kids/grands) are NOT knowing me as I grew up. Now lately I've been having HORRIBLE, FRIGHTENING NIGHTMARES of what we grew up with. SIGH !! Does the past EVAH go away???? I've been thru therapy,, made peace with it,,, but the NIGHT MARES !! It's like trying to jump with ur legs tensed upped,,,,, you can't do it. And I "Guess" though we work on past issues,,, find out "Why it happened" and FORGIVE THEM and LOVE THEM (MY Mom in my case) it STILL HAUNTING in the inner circle of the mind. Also makes my WONDERFUL Grandmother ,,, in my dreams out to be the MOST WORSE PERSON, when she was ALWAYS SO SWEET and LOVING to me. NOT to HER Kids, but to the Grands ,, yes. HOW WE ADMIRED this WISE WOman.

Dreams,,, UGHERS !! I LOVED it when I did NOT dream. There are times at night,,, I DO get up and eat what I would NOT of,,, and A LOT of it,,,even if healthy ,,,its cals I DO NOT need.
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    After reading what Cheri wrote, I agree with her. Sweetie please don't be to hard on yourself. I have experienced the nightmares too, right after an operation. They did go away!

    Mary Ann
    1732 days ago
    Yes, stress causes us to do all sorts of things. I know exactly what you mean by slowly putting distance between yourself and them! The psychs call it displacement, in other words, don't buy into what is messing them up! You sound like you've got that one covered! About the jumping up when your legs are tensed, how did you ever come across that one? It is true, surprising enough! I guess that's why they say let go and let God, cuz He's the only one who has it ALL under control!!! Have a good one, girl!!!! emoticon
    1733 days ago
    Stress can be a bugger can't it ! Don't be too hard on yourself though you have just had an operation sometimes the anaesthesia causes those dreams and they will recede in the coming weeks.Hugs ,Cheri
    1733 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    stay positive. wish you the best.
    1733 days ago
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