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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Watching the BP and the ole ticker are big on my G.P.'s mind, mainly because she knows my dad's history of High BP followed by heart problems (that started in his 80's, not at young age). Every time I've gone to see her for the past few years, my doc has asked me "are you monitoring your blood pressure at home?".

So. I finally bought a BP monitor. At first I could not - remember, I am a MAJOR technophobe! - get it to work! Then when I told my mom about how it didn't work she asked a simple question: was I tightening the sleeve enough? Ooops. And now it works.

Ut oh. Need to up the exercise. My foods are okay though I don't get enough carbs or fat; my intake issue that might affec bp is... caffeine. Thanks to my lovely (grrrr) new blood pressure monitor I am reducing my affeine intake. Switching from 20-40oz of high octane brew with 2% milk and a packet of Splenda to 1/2 caf and eventually decaf.

Blood pressure is a silent killer. And I have things to do in life, so I'm adding a DASH of newness to my journey.
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  • VEERSINGH12345
    I want to buy a bp monitor can you tell me which mp monitor is better for me. Your bp monitor blog is very good for me because I need this types blog.
    1609 days ago
    BP scares me one of my reasons for doing spark was to keep it low my dad had high bp and he got it under control but I don't want to even have to deal with it.
    1692 days ago
    Woot woot on figuring out the BP monitor. Definitely a silent killer. Scary thing is that no one realizes how issues with BP can snowball into other problems.
    1694 days ago
  • HILLSLUG98239
    I have really rigid blood vessels (at least - something I can truly blame on my parents!), and I've had high blood pressure my entire adult life. I didn't accept treatment for it until I was in my 30's.

    I bought a monitor about six years ago, and being able to check my BP is helpful. I have a prescription for a diuretic that I take whenever my blood pressure creeps up. Because I can monitor myself, I can take less medication overall. Both my doctor and I approve.

    I haven't changed my diet much. As much as I love salt, I rarely add salt to food I've prepared. I always put shoyu on rice or the fried rice I make, though. (Restaurant fried rice is already too salty.)

    About a decade ago, I went cold-turkey on caffeine after my doctor uttered the word "biopsy." (Cutting out caffeine made the problem go away, so no biopsy.) I doubt I could have survived law school without caffeine, but I've never gone back to previous consumption - I get twitchy!

    My husband is sensitive to caffeine. We brew our coffee with 1/3 regular and 2/3 decaf. The swiss water process decaf still has a tiny amount of caffeine in it, but I prefer it over chemically decaffeinated coffee. Anyhoo, I make *strong* coffee. Decaf does not need to be weak and unpalatable. I just love it when people drink my decaf and say, "Wow, I'm going to be up all night now!" I infer that means no one can tell it's decaf.

    Congratulations on taking another step in taking care of yourself!
    1695 days ago
    BP is a biggie, absolutely! It puts added stress on all of our internal organs and circulatory system.

    And caffeine could be a culprit...? Sheesh...hope I don't have to trim THAT! Love my mornings with good, bold brews! Thankfully my blood pressure doesn't warrant curtailing least at this point!

    1695 days ago
    Good luck with keeping your caffeine levels
    and BP down. I am very lucky as my BP is
    120 /80. I don't add salt anymore and I am
    always checking sodium content on anything
    I buy. It is jsut as important as sugar. Did you
    know that the reccommended sodium daily
    allowance is the equivelant of one teaspoon???
    emoticon emoticon
    1695 days ago
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