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Meditation for Weightloss?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here I am again! You know, blogging through it.

I’m working an identifying why I’m feeling so off these days. I have come up with:

1) Whatever wacky thing is going on with my hormones (hair loss, double TOM, etc…)
2) Stress (New commute, car trouble, etc…)
3) The odd phenomenon that is a giant sort of letdown that occurs when you’ve reached a goal and there is a weird “What Next?” phase. I finally moved into a house in the town I wanted to move to for the past ten years… what next?
4) The also-weird phase I am in at work without having a boss. You just drift and that doesn’t help much.

I definitely internalize A LOT OF STUFF. I don’t even realize I’m doing it until I get some sort of physical reaction (sickness, headaches, etc.) but I think I need to work on being more mindful of everything around me and letting myself process it better. I’m constantly trying to keep my brain moving, or it keeps moving on its own, and everything starts burying itself but at some point the hole fills up too much and I get weighted down.

I’m reading The Dharma Bums [NERD ALERT – yes, I read Kerouac for fun] and although I’m not about to go tramping through the wilderness (I like toilets and showers too much), I am learning some things about Buddhism and meditation. I am one of the most un-religious people ever but I DO see value in learning to sit still and absorb life. Anyone out in Sparkland meditate and/or see success with that type of exercise?

I know yoga & pilates are supposed to help but I’m usually struggling way too much during that stuff to process thoughts beyond “I am going to fall over. I hurt. I am so inflexible. I look ridiculous.” Etc…

And so I’m sitting at my desk while my neighbor definitely eats hot toast slathered in melted butter and agonizing a bit. I’m not even hungry. In fact, my tummy is upset. But my brain has been itching to get me to stuff my face. Last night I really struggled staying out of the pantry – happy to report that I DID – but I’m soooo exhausted from fighting this battle sometimes. It’s always my brain versus bad food, or my brain versus exercise. I wish it would just BE. It gets tiring. I know I have seen other people say that on Spark before – tiring. I guess I need to dig deep and find some of that light, it just gets harder to do when my negative brain takes over.
I also saw my one coworker this morning, I think I have mentioned her on here before, who has lost a ton of weight. She looked great today. I also know she wakes up at 430 am to hit the gym, goes to the gym at lunch 4-5 days a week, and sometimes does THIRD workouts after work. I just can’t ever picture myself living that lifestyle. I can see myself hiking, zumba’ing, etc… but never three-a-days. Does that make me less of a person? I’m not sure. Maybe I won’t ever be super tiny but if that is what it takes, maybe I don’t want it?

I am really pleased with a new recipe I made last night for Keema. It is a curry dish our old roommate used to make from Pakistan. I switched a few things up and next time would switch up a few more to make it even healthier. I have leftovers for lunch that I am excited to eat. Every time I cook a new successful recipe, I can’t help but feel proud of myself! Coming from a family that NEVER cooked, couldn’t even chop an onion, to this? Yeah!

Tomorrow I am working from home. I have my meals and snacks planned out and will MAKE myself stay AWAY from the pantry. I may even try a morning walk/run since I’ll be so close to the shower. Hmmm? I need to do SOMETHING because Thursday is shaping out to be a difficult day. I have lunch AND dinner out – ugh. It happens I suppose. And this weekend we’re going away, which always makes things tough. Just gotta power through, try to make the best choices as possible, and move on. Right?!

Anyways, I’m off to google meditation and actually do some work today. Hope you all are having a great week so far!
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    good luck
    1757 days ago
    Meditation is the best!
    1759 days ago
    I have never tried meditation but I believe it's a great way to calm yourself and find your inner balance.

    Working without supervision may result in slacking... I know from personal experience... It's the reason why I'm so stressed in the last days of deadlines. I hope I could be able to manage my time more efficiently but I leave it all for last minute...

    1759 days ago
    Meditation and prayer are both awesome avenues to peace, joy and direction. Great success to you.
    1759 days ago
  • IRP1114
    You are on to something. Yes! I do believe meditation can help in many ways. It was kind of funny I came on spark right after finishing my morning meditation and saw the tittle of your blog off the side of my nutrition tracker lol! Here is a link to what I have been doing. (I have not been super consistent with it, but I try) And it does make my day much more manageable when I do get to squeeze it in before the loud craziness of the day starts : )!
    Hope you feel better. And good for you in staying out of the pantry last night! I know how hard that can be especially at the end of the day when we are drained and low on willpower.
    I agree with that 3 workouts a day being way too much! As much as I love working out I know that would eventually backfire in many ways. Injury increasing appetite and just plain over kill. Our bodies need rest too! Plus our size has way more to do with our diets than our workouts so you are much better off doing what you are doing! Focusing on learning to cook more is going to keep you smaller the rest of your life. Way more beneficial than killing yourself in a gym then eating processed foods because you are too busy to cook right?
    Take care chica ; )! emoticon
    1760 days ago

    Congratulations for moving to the town you wanted to be in! What's next? Stop and smell the flowers!

    I totally understand #4, I have a boss, but I sometimes go weeks without seeing her, and she's in the same building as me, on the same floor! Definitely hands-off. I have to manage myself, find my own motivations. It's tough sometimes.

    I think meditation is a powerful thing, I need to do it more. Give it a try!

    IMO, three workouts a day is not sustainable. You're not less of a person for not thinking you could do that, you're more of one.

    Good luck with your week. Just face your eating decisions one at a time. Each time you're faced with a decision, stop a moment and really think about your goals. Push past that desire for immediate gratification, and look to the future!

    1760 days ago
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