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Today's Counseling Session (#4)

Monday, August 26, 2013

emoticon I got the day and time right this week. I told her about me forgetting she was on vacation last week and showed up for my appointment. We both laughed about it.

She told me I looked great! A big difference from my 1st visit. My whole mood has changed, I looked stress free, did not have that vacant look in my eyes, nor looked so downcast. Hmmmmmmm I didn't know I looked that bad before our counseling sessions started.

I answered her by saying that for the 1st time in a long time I did indeed feel stress free. I attributed it all to the time I spend at the pool which most days is all day. One day I was there from opening at 10 AM to 7:00 PM. Pool closes at 8 PM.

I brought up again how I am spending hours exercising in the pool. I normally walk laps for one hour in the morning and then later in the afternoon I walk laps for another hour. Well Sunday I decided to go for the entire 2 hours in one shot. My legs were like mush when I finished. Later on in the afternoon I did my favorite new water exercise, Water Aerobics Cross Country Skiing but I do mine in deep water so my feet do not touch the bottom of the pool and most of my body is under water so I am not getting sunburned.

Here is what water cross country skiing looks like:

Her diagnosis is that all of this exercise and fresh air is really agreeing with me. She feels since I am keeping up with housecleaning and other things I need to take care (like sending out resumes for a job), etc. that my 4 hour average of exercises ( I do more than just walking laps and the skiing) is not being obsessive.

What she does feel is that "I" am being obsessive about my worrying that my current exercise pattern is obsessive. She says I need to give myself permission to "hang out" at the pool all day as long as I am taking care of all of my other business because when the pool closes the week after Labor Day things should go back to normal. But the healing that is has provided me has been immense. I keep telling her that I feel so peaceful and tranquil while I am there and that is a good thing.

She is so happy with my transformation I do not have to go every week but have graduated to twice a month.
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