Tricking Me Into Moving

Monday, August 26, 2013


Saturday I was scheduled to walk/run about 4 miles. I made myself get my workout clothes on. Still, I didn't get going. I made excuses, I distracted myself.

Then, when I finally went to leave, I realized I'd waited until far too late to make my usual stomping grounds.

Now what? I had my clothes on, and I HATE taking exercise clothes back off if I haven't gotten them nasty sweaty from working out.

I went outside for a few minutes to take the temperature. I walked my doggies a few feet down the driveway. Then I went down the driveway by myself, and noticed that once again, the clouds were beautiful! I realized it was gosh darn near sunset, so Me and I struck a deal....I ran back up my hilly driveway, and got my camera and my interval timer. I told myself if I ran just a few intervals out here, where I live, I could stop and take pictures when the sun started setting.

It worked! I ran some intervals. All the way up four hills, all the way back down, then up some more hills. The sun and the clouds started putting on a show, and I got some EXTRAORDINARY pictures! And I had to run back and forth a bit to get them, too.

By time it was getting near dark, I'd burned off 424 calories. I don't think I went 4 miles, like I was scheduled to do, but I got at least 2, I ran some hills, and I took one more step towards creating the habit of moving again.

BTW, some of you who are connected to me on Facebook or Instagram may know that I've been spending a lot of time over the past few years trying to get halfway decent at photography. I have a particular affinity for clouds and sunsets. I'm in the process of writing a book of essays about having ADHD called Head In the Clouds, which I'm hoping will also have pictures of the clouds and sunsets I've been taking.

If you're interested in seeing (and maybe even LIKING) the Facebook page of cloud/sunset/sunrise pics I've started, you can go here: bit.ly/cjfbomhp

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