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BLC 22 Review

Monday, August 26, 2013

The assignment is to review my performance in the (almost) 12 weeks of Biggest Loser Challenge (BLC). As part of that, I am reposting my original goals and reporting status:

emoticon Lose 12 pounds in 12 weeks
Status: I lost 17 pounds as of last Wednesday. At the 1/2 way mark, I had lost 13 so although I exceeded my goal, I slowed down in the second half. Some clues as to why I had the slow down are mentioned with some of the following status items.
emoticon Record every BLT (bite, lick, taste)
Status: I did this religiously during the first 1/2 by tracking after every meal. Several times in the past few weeks, I waited until the EOD to track -- NOT a good idea as it is harder to remember every bite and harder to budget my meal and snack calories if I don't know precisely what I already ate that day. I know this practice is not for everyone; but, it makes a huge difference when I do it correctly.
emoticon Workout at least 20 minutes per day 6x/week -- this is my planned BLC streak
Status: The streak is alive and well! I have exercised a minimum of 20 minutes every day of the challenge; most days quite a bit more than the 20. Again, I slacked up a little bit during the second 1/2. Maybe that is natural because I started all gung ho. I'm very happy that I have kept up with the regular workouts; but, realize I may need to up the intensity a bit as I look back over the past weeks.
emoticon Continue Saturday walking group every week
Status: My walking group is going strong. We started the weekly walks back in December. I missed 2 weeks because of a foot strain/sprain; but, got right back to it as soon as I felt I was not doing more damage to my foot. Sometimes we walk on Saturday and Sunday. It's a great way to start the day.
emoticon Participate in at least one official 5K this summer
Status: Completed on 4th of July, and I beat my previous time for this same event/route from last year. I did a virtual 10k this weekend as part of another BLC challenge. I registered for a 7k (unusual distance) in September that should be great fun. I will be walking tethered in a group of 6 women. We are a 6-pack (it is a beer race).
emoticon Get in bed by midnight 5x/week
Status: Most nights I get at least 7 hours sleep so that's a good thing. But, I am once again staying up way too late on many nights. I plan to renew my focus on this one starting today!!! I believe this is key to my staying on track. Late nights really lead me to more snacking that night and less energy the next day.

I had an unoffical goal to do some of my workouts in the morning. I have only succeeded with this one a few times. Well, my weekend walking group always walks in the morning so that is great. But, I really want to get my weekday workouts completed earlier in the day. This is a struggle for me, I guess because I am a natural procrastinator. I am going to try to focus on this (along with getting to bed earlier) during the break before BLC 23 begiins.

All in all, I am very happy with how I did in BLC 22 and am really looking forward to BLC 23. I have things to work on and will try hard to stay on track with those goals, and may come up with some new ones for 23 so that I keep things fresh and challenging.

I have signed up to be in the same team again (the Golden Phoenix) and surely hope I get in it again. I am sure each team is wonderful; but, I have done well with this one and find that the challenges and members really motivate and inspire me. I've made some great new Spark friends in this team and can't wait to see them all continue to succeed.

Thanks for reading this!
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