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Monday, August 26, 2013

... where do I begin, exceptions aside I know that it's always been "ME" who has prevented my reaching my goal. But here's the thing, knowing "how to" achieve my goal has been a mystery to me, I have just never been able to lose weight without great effort.

- I have had doctors tell me that I am carbohydrate sensitive and thus, can't metabolize carbs as efficiently as I should in order to burn fat. However, they typically recommend the SAD, which clearly doesn't work for me.

- I have tried numerous diet programs, WW's, BFFM (Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle); BFL, Body for Life, 4 Hour Body, Chris Powell's carb cycling and the Paleo and Primal Blueprint. I was even vegetarian for a time until breast cancer when I had to stop eating all soy products (... my main source of protein). While all of the programs yielded some sort of success, none were long lasting. However, I have found through trial and error that the paleo/primal & low carb lifestyles do work for me... more about this later.

... It has taken a long time and a lot of failure to figure out just what will work for me. As of late, I tried a 2 week intervention of the Protein Power Life Plan (Eades), to jumpstart my weight loss, and found that I was bruising because the carbs were too low; I was eating between 20 - 30 carbs per day. My doctor advised me to raise my carbs to 50 carbs per day for 2 weeks and then I can cycle them, but not to ever go below 50 for 2 weeks again!... However, she did advise that if I really wanted to stay on the low carb diet for any length of time that I would have to come in every 2 weeks for blood work so that I can be closely monitored, however, this is not an option that I want to consider.


The earlier diets that I tried, BFL, BFFM & Chris Powell all had built in cheat days, and as I mentioned earlier I did lose a little on these plans, but never really reached my goals... I could never understand "WHY" ... until now. As always if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and to be able to eat "whatever I want to" for 24 hours was just that!... but in all fairness I have to say that while the BFL and Chris Powell (but only on high carb days) gives you carte blanche to have a "free for all" the BFFM has some food for thought and asks you to consider:

"are you a carb-tolerant mesomorph who gains muscle easily and loses fat easily or are you a carb-sensitive endomorph who gains fat easily? Depending on the answer, your diet program may need to be more or less strict than others"

... well guess what????... I am that "Endomorph" ... there's a skinny girl in there somewhere!!!!

~ THE SOLUTION: ... so I am trying a different approach & this is what I am going to do. I actually started this on Friday:

1.) Follow a combination/hybrid of the following programs: paleo/primal, Protein Power Life Plan & the Mediterranean low carbohydrate diet. "What this means is that I will be essentially cooking paleo/primal while also adding elements/foods allowed on the Protein Power & Mediterranean low carb diet plans. This is a more realistic approach & will allow 2 important things:

- more flexibility
- more variety

2.) There will be no more FREE/CHEAT days like in the past, instead I will do the following:

- On Saturday's when I am out and about, I will allow, at most, a "free meal"

- @ home, my one free meal will be sensible and contain those carbs that I don't normally allow during the course of the week, for example, rye bread, or a "portion" of air-popped pop corn (... instead of 3 large bowls in one sitting! emoticon emoticon), etc.

3.) I will allow a few more carbs on Saturday but stay well with my calorie/carb & macro range that I set for that day.


NUTRITIONAL: (According to my "personal" stats, these are my calculations")

Calorie range: 1200 - 1600 (more or less depending on activity level)

MEALS: 3X's per day (snacks as needed)


- SU-Sat: 50 grams for the next two weeks.

Weeks thereafter:

- SU-Sat: Carb cycling: 50 - 75 carbs (... upper end, as high as 100 grams, on higher intensity days)

FATS: healthy fats ... following the Mediterranean low carb approach. Here is more information about this if interested:


PROTEIN: Protein Power Life Plan calculator: minimum of: 90 grams/day. I can allow more for snacks and when I am hungry.

- following strict portion control: advancedmediterraneandie
t.c om/images/Carb_Groups_and_Serv
ing_Size s_for_DMD.pdf



- this worked for me in the past and I will eat "intuitively" when I am hungry

- IF time frame: overnight fast for no more than 17 hours



- M - F: daily 1 - 2 hour walks to and from work
- adding other higher intensity cardio workouts in as I am able for variety and metabolic conditioning


- preparing for my September 30th P90X challenge and will add strength training days. My goal is to do strength training on: M-W-F


... In the 2 weeks that I followed the low carb intervention I achieved the following:

- eliminated my cravings for sweets emoticon
- reduced fat in my lower abs

... well I think I have covered everything. I started today (Sunday). The first 2 weeks will run: August 25th - September 7th.

Remember through your journey emoticon and emoticon together!!!

~ Dee emoticon
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    I love your "never quit" attitude and that you are always trying to find what works for you! What an inspiration!
    1696 days ago
    1696 days ago
    I think you are missing one more thing....take it nice and slow. That always wins the race.

    God bless & have fun no matter what!

    1697 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    It is a trail and error and to find our footing is the key to health and weight loss too. I wish you the very best and great success!
    1697 days ago
    I keep tweaking my diet too and it might work for me if I would stay with it. I'm a carb intolerant mesomorph.
    1697 days ago
    This makes a lot of sense. I'm slowing working my way from a "free-style" lowish carb lifestyle to the Primal Blueprint plan. I think that neither of us is doing this as a short-term fix, and whatever we do has to be for the long haul - sustainable, doable, pleasurable. I really love Mark Sisson's attitudes about nearly everything. He seems to have this "life's too short to not love what you're doing" approach, which suits me fine.

    Good luck! I think your plans sound great!
    1697 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1697 days ago
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