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Three days to Go - Which is also my 1 year workout anniversary!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

We're down to the wire here in BLC-ville. This past 12 weeks has flown by. During this time I've learned so much about myself and my capabilities. Our wonderful leader has given us so much information to make healthy decisions regarding our future bodies. I feel like I have been suited up in armor ready to do battle with the Yellow Fat Monster!

Looking back over this past year, it has been a daily struggle watching the scale go up and down more times than I want to recall. When I started the journey, I really didn't know what I was doing, I just knew that I had to start moving my body. So I joined the Y. I started attending Zumba and Body Pump classes, and working out in the weight room under the supervision of a trainer. Then to save money, I switched and started going to the Air Force Base Fitness Center. I never wanted to go there because I thought it was just a bunch of bulked up, sweaty GIs in a weight room. Ha, I was sure wrong, it is a state-of-the-art fitness center. I took my first step aerobics class, followed by my first Pilates class, which are back to back on M-W-F.
It took several weeks to build up my stamina, but I did it.

Then I found out about my tendons. No, it didn't happen working out. Long story short, I twisted ankle off a curb about 5 years ago. What I thought was a sprain, ended up being a broken ankle, walked on it all this time and ended up shredding one main tendon and severing the other. So major surgery on April 3, 2013. I was in two fiberglass casts from toes to knee, then a boot cast. I went from a wheelchair to knee roller, to walker, to weight bearing with boot, then VIOLA no devices. Non-weight bearing for two full months. In June I could start bearing weight.

The surgeon and physical therapist both said my recovery wouldn't have been as quick if it hadn't been for my working out prior to surgery.

I had to stand on one leg like a flamingo while I took showers, push myself up and out of a wheelchair, use my good leg to power the knee roller while I knelt on the other leg...getting really strong glutes in the process.

BLC22 was starting June 5 and I was determined if any of the 3 teams took a chance on me (right out of surgery) I would give them 110% of myself in the challenges.

YEA! they selected me and I've given 110%... even working out while on vacation!

I'm not going to meet my weight loss goal posted the very first week...but I had stars in my eyes and didn't give myself realistic goals. I am a very slow weight loser and knew better to put down 15-17 pounds...what was I thinking?

However, just because I didn't meet my weight loss goal, this has been a very successful first BLC round for me. I am looking forward to the next round.

I'm hoping at weigh in on Wednesday to show a 30 pound loss from August 2012. I'm very close, within two pounds. It's a lot of weight for one week, but I know I can do it or come very very close.

On Thursday, August 29, I will log my new goals for the upcoming year, along with measurements and "before" pictures to have a photo journal to look back on.

Thank you to all my Spark Friends who have cheered me during this past year and to my shipmates, without them I couldn't have done it....because that is one thing I have learned...we cannot do this alone.

Row Hard!
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