Sunday, August 25, 2013

Okay... Maybe an extreme title for some...


I had an awesome day at Church this morning! The Holy Spirit was moving and we were all blessed.

A young man was waiting for the doors to open to be baptized when our pastor showed up. Pastor asked the young man if he was saved and he said "not yet". But he knew that he wanted to be baptized!! Pastor counseled him and told him about salvation through Christ Jesus. The young man asked to be led in prayer so he could receive Jesus into his life and was baptized during our morning service. We all praised God for this precious one being added to the Family.

After a very moving lesson given by our Pastor about the Holy Spirit, I went forward for prayer for healing. I didn't care if it was an instant or a progressive healing. I am just tired of the pain in my back, that started in 1989 from an injury, because my vertebrae were so twisted that there was constant pain and taking so many meds for pain and HBP that slows me down. And yes... I said HAD. I am believing that God can heal and did heal me today. I feel different "things" in my back like a twisting - spine going back into alignment? I also am looking forward to my cardiac ultrasound on Nov 5th that will show that my aneurysm is gone.

I thank God that He is who He is and that He can do ALL things for the good of those who love Him. He is so good and loves each and every member of His creation. I am so thankful that I know Him as "Abba, Father". If you have never "met" Him, I ask you to please give Him a chance. He will never leave or forsake those who trust in Him.

I love you all as Jesus loves you,

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