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Sick puppy dog

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our eldest puppy dog is not doing too well. He is having a lot of trouble breathing. He has allergies and when the humidity is high he does not do well. I have gotten more medication for him and I like the pills better for him. He will take the pills if I put them in peanut butter. He has had his meds and is resting.
Basically today I am being lazy. I already have dinner in the crock pot and it takes 4 hours on low. It is crock pot lasagna. I am not a great lasagna fan, but Jeff really likes it. I will have a small portion and fill the rest of the way up with fruit and vegetables. Have never tried this recipe before will see what it tastes like and if it something I will fix again in the future.
I made some parmesan herb bake chicken a couple of weeks ago and will definitely be making it again. Gave the recipe to my daughter in law and she fixed it a couple of nights ago and they all really liked it.
Well I have to get my rear in gear and try to do a little something today. Jeff just told me that it seems as though J is breathing easier. I hope so because last night when I tried to sleep all I could hear was him wheezing. Did not make for a restful sleep.
Any way it is egg gathering time and checking on my one doe. She has a beautiful nest built and I figure that she should kindle at almost any time now.
Tomorrow while Jeff is at the cancer center, I want to dress out at least 3 rabbits. I need to check and see if I have bucks or does. I want to keep a couple of does, but no bucks. I have one good buck that is all I need. Trying to start getting the numbers down on everything in preparation for winter. All together I have eleven young fryers to get dressed out and of course I cannot do it while Jeff is around because he cannot abide the process.
Enough for now God bless
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