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Not a lot of blogging going on..

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I haven't done a lot of blogs lately for several reasons.

- The internet has been hiccuppy and uploading pictures doesn't always work.
- There are mornings my computer doesn't "like" the network and refuses to log on for me. DH can make it work - he must have the magic touch but him telling me that " he doesn't have that problem" isn't really helpful - must be great to be brilliant!
- This week was PMS week - doesn't help normally but this week has been worse than usual
- Several other issues, the truck being one

So all in all my attitude has been rock bottom and I could do with a major adjustment, It's pretty bad when you can't stand being around yourself!! I hate feeling like this!!

Let's hope my hormones settle down in the next few days. It's time to get ready for DD's visit. We go to Denver to pick her up at the airport at 6pm on Saturday. It's a 6 hour drive - so it's an overnight stay. I'm really looking forward to her coming to see us - it's been nearly a year since we last saw her.
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  • SKATER787
    Right now I have turkey meat coming out of yin yang, I got a panic attack. :) I forgot to mention that I cheated by also doing marinating. I have this huge steamer pot that I can use to hold the turkey. In fact, it's big enough to hold both birds. LOL. I just added some salt, sugar, garlic powder and onion powder to the liquid and soaked overnight. Since it cooks very fast, they don't get dry out. I notice that the skin turned brown after the first hour. But since there is only one hour to go, I never have to cover it with foil or anything. They came out brown just right. Without the boiling water method, it would have to stay in the oven much longer, at least another 1 1/2 per cooking chart. That's when the bird gets dried out. I didn't do any taste test so I don't know how the marinade turns out, but the meat is moist. So I cheated all the way!
    1724 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/29/2013 11:48:11 AM
  • SKATER787
    Lis, the turkeys got cooked last night. Boy, that was a lot of meat. I stil have one whole turkey to process. Lessons learned: I only need one turkey, then get ready to do the other stuff like learning how to make pizza, then use turkey topping. Spaghetti is easy to do. Turkey curry and so on. Yes, one turkey is all I need to make all kinds of food. Also, I used the hot water method. That is to dump boiling water into the cavity to cook from inside before putting the bird in the oven. No stuffing. It was totally cooked in 2 hours at 325. Super fast, moist and no pink whatsoever.

    I still standby that a roasting turkey in the oven will uplift your mood. The aroma alone is worth it.
    1724 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Sorry that you haven't been feeling well. But a good thing for you is that your DD is coming to see you. A wonderful reunion is ahead.
    1727 days ago
  • SKATER787
    I got 2 small turkeys last night, but it turns out that the book was wrong. A couple of other sources say that the tryptophan in turkey is on par with chicken. But I'm glad I got the turkeys anyway as I'm tired of chickens.
    1727 days ago
    That's wonderful that she is coming for a visit. Hopefully the weather will be nice while she is her.
    1728 days ago
  • SKATER787
    Lis, That must have been a Freudian slip about the turkey. I've just looked up in the book, Younger Brain, Sharper Mind by Eric Braverman MD, page 142. Tryptophan stimulates the production of serotonin. Here is the amount of Tryptophan in grams: Chicken 0.28, Chocolate 0.11, Egg 0.4, Turkey 37.0. This is per 6-8 Oz serving,. The number for turkey is just off the chart. If you want to lift your mood, cook a turkey! Have an early Thanksgiving. I'm going to get one later on tonight so the defrosting can start. Goodbye chicken. I'm switching to turkey from now on. This is new knowledge to me. Thanks to you.

    P.S. Perfect with DD come to visit. Have a Thanksgiving dinner.
    1728 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/25/2013 8:59:46 PM
  • SKATER787
    Computer problems are very frustrating. I feel for you. Check out Suzanne Somers' books for ideas on hormones if you can. She's a genius, AFAIC. I'm playing with Melatonin now and it has been a major life event. I'm adding Tryptophan to the mix and I hope to fall asleep like what a turkey Thanksgiving dinner does to you. emoticon
    1728 days ago
    emoticon Knowing she is going to be there in next than a week has got to improve your mood. Hormones are a royal pain. At least during menopause, "happy pills" can work wonders for you...not so true with pms.
    1728 days ago
    1728 days ago
    Gosh, Lis you sound just like me a few weeks ago and I totally know what it feels like!

    Let me just give you a little bit of hope and say IT WILL GET BETTER!

    It will pass and next week you will feel MUCH Better!

    In the meantime, I sympathize and day at a time! You'll get through it , I know you will!
    1728 days ago
    So very sorry to hear you are down in the dumps. I know for sure how that can feel. But you and I both know that we are responsible for our own thoughts ..... I know, I know....when you feel like this you might not want to hear it. But count those blessings and work on that attitude adjustment. You know you can do it.
    So happy to hear that you have something to look forward to. Your visit with DD will be just the thing to pick you up.
    Have a great Sunday.
    1728 days ago
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