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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week one back on the Spark train and I'm down 7.4 pounds!

I know it will slow down from here, but to go from 204 to 196.6 was an incredible feeling and incredible motivator to start week 2!

Now I need to remember the pink cloud I'm riding on now, bottle this feeling, if you will. And by pink cloud, I mean that high you get when you see results from hard work that keeps you motivated.

But we all know that doesn't last. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but it's just a fact. There will be weeks that I will bust my butt and not lose a thing. Weeks that my TOM will be here and I'll be up. Weeks where I can't understand why the scale isn't budging...and I'll get frustrated.

So this blog is more for me then you. So I can come back to it and remember to keep pushing forward when I'm feeling like giving up. As you can tell, this is NOT my first rodeo losing weight. And certainly not my first time around the Spark block.

BUT....like it or not, tracking food works. Exercising works. Better food choices works. Now I just need to stay consistent. Which has always been my biggest challenge.

So here's to week one! Here's to Sparking! Here's to working my butt off because I'm just tired of being miserable in my own skin AGAIN. But most of all, here's to having my Spark back!

Hugs to all of my super supportive Sparkies:-) It really does help to have people rooting for you!
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