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Wow ... baby you have come a long way !!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

On Thursday I had a bad anxiety attack that left me in bed for a while. and they really take a lot out of me. Friday my son, daughter in law and grand daughter came in for the weekend. So sleep Friday night was not as restful as I had wanted. There is a tropical wave coming on shore from the gulf of Mexico making weather conditions kinda iffy.

On Saturday 8/24 it is the 6th annual WOW Walk. Wow is walking over water. It is more of an event not a race. The event took place on the Biloxi Bay bridge. It is put on by a local young people group to collect can food for local pantries. This is in remembrance of our resilience in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This bridge is the new bridge that replaced the one destroyed by Katrina. When this bridge was built it was built with fitness in mind as they added a 12 foot walk jog bike lane and put a protective barrier up between it and traffic. It is very much a nice bridge.

Now all of this brings you to me . I did this walk yesterday. The weather was much more breezy than I thought it was going to be leading to wind burn on my face. The bridge at is highest span is 95 feet above the water. I trained to do this walk as silly as it sounds because I have never walked the bridge so I wanted to be sure i could do this. Doing walk jog training is new to me. I am now starting my 5th week. There are reason that they say listen to your body. I got up tired to start with and my head still aching from the anxiety attack two days prior. When i got to the bridge I didnt not realize that the incline was at the start. Meaning my foot had no time to get properly stretched out. But none the less I went on and tackled the bridge. The bridge is not a really big deal for most but most are not in the 10th month of recovery from major Achilles surgery either. It was my belief that this was a 5k walk when in reality it was like 4 miles . For me personally it is always about pushing me as far as i can.

The only concern I ever had when i decided to this walk was the inclines on the bridge. The pull on my foot would be different. I did complete the walk . My tracker said 4.3 in 62.33 . The foot held up during the walk. it was pained but none the less it did get it done. However, after the walk it let me know in good fashion that is was not pleased at all. It swelled up twice its size and would allow no weight baring without a brace. This morning I can weight bare on it with a little discomfort the swelling is gone down and i am left with a little puff off the ankle bone. I am not complaining because well if i hadnt done it then I wouldnt know it and well I did very well all things considering. I will hold off on training the walk jog for a day or two but then i will just simply get back at it because it is what has to be done to continue on this process. I was not the first back but i wasnt the last either . I walked jog with confidence because I know how far I have come and gave no thought to how far i have left to go.

In 2011 I did my first 5k with a time of 75 minutes at 354 pounds . So I say baby we have come a long way in two years and just think what we will do in the next two years .
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