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Saturday August 24, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's been one crazy week! I've been going crazy trying to come up with a workable plan on all I want to do fitness wise before I go on vacation. Had trouble with my left thigh muscles this past week so I laid off the resistance band work-outs entirely. I knew if I got started I'd just keep going and the pain in my thigh would have worsened.
Food wise these past two weeks are a bust. I ate too much. I knew it at the time but I still did it. I'm trying to get myself focused on what I should be eating but I've just been overboard. So that is the biggest thing I need to work on.

Week's positives:
1. Did ride the exercise bike twice this week as I hoped. The second ride was a 5k ride just for the heck of it. Why didn't I think of that before? I hadn't rode but a couple times since June so that was a big push for me. Little did I know that my son had upped the resistance on me. I knew I was getting awfully tired and feeling it a lot more than in the past but I figured it was just lack of doing that was causing it. My 5k time was 16:55 - that's my starting point and something to work on improving. Once I get back in gear again, my challenge will be doing 10k at a time. That will be later this year as I'll be on vacation without an exercise bike for almost a month.
2. I did work out with Leslie Sansone Walk at Home videos twice this week as planned. Granted they were only two 15 minute work-outs but I'm out of sync with those too. I'm fixing to stick my DVD in my one bag for vacation so I won't forget it again. While on vacation I'm going to try doing some of her routine while I'm in the pool. That should be interesting. Granted I won't have the video handy but I can still do the movements. I did a little last September in the pool so I know I can do it. Besides I'll have a DVD player available the entire time so it's just going to be me remembering to do it.
3. I walked my dog seven days this week. Sometimes twice a day. Plus a couple days this week, I walked over to my Aunt's apartment and back without my dog. There were a couple of days where I did quite a bit of walking in stores and other places to where I just logged in time. I'm sure I'll have plenty of that upcoming too. I don't always track my miles on the beach when I'm out but I do try to track my time spent walking the beach and in the ocean (a little resistance there with the waves).
4. I have a short firm and tone routine with a "bra buster" move that I did as planned this week. I'm now doing part of that with the resistance band instead of the stretch band for a better workout. I feel it more that way. This is the short video she did for Woman's Day magazine to strengthen the upper body and it only takes about four minutes to do 15 reps of each of the four movements. The bra buster move is something I saw to take care of that bra bulge you get in the back and that'll take another minute to do 15 reps and I'm now doing that with the resistance band instead of the stretch band - whew! feeling it a lot more.

What have your positives been this week? Are you racking up the fitness minutes? Are you eating within your guidelines? Have you tried something new?
What needs work? Did you do like me and eat too much? Or exercise too little? Or stress out over something you had no control over? Did work get to you? Did someone say something that really bothered you? What do you need to overcome these things?



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