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Vacation is over, whew!(pics)

Friday, August 23, 2013

I've officially been back to work for two weeks now, but my vacation mood is still in full force!! I rode up to Oregon with Tim last weekend, and went to Santa Cruz yesterday with my sister. I like running here and there this time of year, it just seems right. The last few days of my vacation there was a free museum weekend going on up in the gold country. It was really great. My Mom, husband and I ended up hitting 5 museums the Saturday that we put Josh on the plane to go home. I got quite an education on the gold rush. I've heard of it my whole life, since it is a big chunk of California history, and I think that is part of 4th grade curriculum? So, I've heard so much, but it is quite different hearing from the people that have lived in the area for generations. Really wonderful, and educational. I have a few pics from one of the renovated museum/houses from that time. There was a lot of photo ops there, so I had fun and tweaked some shots with my photoshop program to make them fit the mood I wanted.

Moulding detail on a turn of the century hearse

Old how this pic kinda looks like a "real" old pic

Carriage detail

One last carriage shot

I really loved the antique items from the gold rush days. So fun. We've lived in this area since the end of 2005, and I am continually finding new things I haven't seen before. This area is really rich in history, museums and natural beauty. I'm so blessed to have experienced living here. Now if it was just affordable...........I'd really be set! That is the true impetus behind our Oregon move.......affordability and lower population. California is a cornacopia of beauty and fun, but it is just so expensive and full to the brim with people. Fun to visit, hard to live in.......atleast in this area of the state.

Yesterday's Santa Cruz trip was a maddash down and back. We were gone 12 hours, about 4.5 were travel hours. We had a nice day. My sister is such a good travel partner, very mellow and helpful. I really enjoy her company. We have quite a lot in common and have similar temperaments, so we usually travel quite well together. I think she had a really good time, she had wanted to go there for years, and this was her first time. So, it was nice. We made it to The Mystery Spot. If you are not from California, then you may not have heard of this place, but any Californian has seen bumper stickers for this spot many, many times. That is what led us the windy Santa Cruz mountains to search out this tourist destination. Some of what we saw I've seen before, but what was unexpected for me is just how powerful the "vortex" energy there is, and just how huge the effect would be on me. I was instantly in a good mood when I got there...........and as we ascended the hill I felt lighter, and quite dizzy. As we descended the hill and mystery center I felt back on my feet, and the good mood has lasted until today. Woke up feeling differnt, and good. I know it may be in my mind, but I do believe that certain places on the earth have higher evergy vibrations that can positively effect our bodies and minds. I've experienced it in Sedona, AZ, Mt. Shasta, CA and now here. It is really an undeniable experience for me. I imagine some people are more sensitive to these energies than others, I am highly sensitve to all energies, positive and negative, always have been.

I have been having computer troubles/internet troubles. This has been keeping me from logging on and sparking as much as I'd like to. I sit down to do it, and due to slow connection or no connection I just give up and log off. It is really frustrating, but I am glad that all has worked in my favor today, and I've had a little time to catch up with some dear sparkpeeps.

I am quite happy with where I'm at right now..........lost 8 pounds this month, as of today.........even with vacation time. So I am happy. I've been pretty busy, non-stop for a few weeks, getting as much fit mins as possible. Don't think I've actually logged all of the mins I've actually done. That's part of the pesky internet situation that gets me down a bit. Better to do it, and not log it, than not do it at all, but all is well in that area. I'm sticking to my shake replacement plan. Sometimes it's two meals a day, sometimes just one, and occasionally three if I'm feeling like I can. I think just shake days are good for me here and there. I've added a fruit/veg powder drink packed with all kinds of great stuff to my diet also. I am eating tons of fruit and veg, but as far as I'm concerned the more the better. I can really tell by my energy levels when I do eat the higher levels of freggies, so that keeps me focused on consuming as much as possible.

We have been on again off again with our moving plans. At one point last week I thought we may be out of here in a month. But we've stalled that a bit. I think if we can make it in 6 months/a year we will be doing well. I think I've nailed down the general area I want to settle in. It surrounds the Rogue River, with many affordable rentals on the river. I definitely want to be close to water, the closer the better. I've been up in the general area a number of times in the last month or so and each time I come home it's harder and harder to leave there. I feel a real soul connection with that part of Oregon, and am getting quite anxious to get up there to stay.

So, sparky.......YES I am!!! I'm sure as the days get shorter and cooler I will settle back into a slower pace of things. Which is OK, I do love the fast pace of summer activity though, it really makes me happy. I even highlighted my hair this summer with blonde streaks to really put me in the warm weather mood. The first look I had of myself with the highlights brought love to my heart............I had natural blonde highlights so much of my life when I was younger, and seeing them now somehow makes me feel like I've found a missing part of me again. Sounds a little silly, but it is quite true.

I love you guys. I hope that I can stay connected more regularly. I may have my computer checked soon so see if there is any clean-up that can be done. I know I feel rejuvenated by this community and am always sparked to be a little better when I connect with you wonderful people. Hugs, love, peace, joy.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like a real awesome dashing here and there! I get the energy rubbing off and moving through oneself. It is a powerful thing. I can hear how bubbly you are, I love it! emoticon Good luck with the move! My computer is down too. Steve sat on it. I am working from my IPad which is not always reliable for lengthy posts. But c'est la vie! I wish you great fortune!
    1727 days ago
    i just spent some time removing songs off my computer to help her run faster, she's getting slow in her old age, hoping she can hold out til i have some $$ to replace her. she was 800$ back in 2008, bet i could get something even better now for like 450$ funny how that goes with technology!

    i am so glad you had a great vacation and kept the spirit rolling on thru the rest of your life, what a happy post :) love it! glad you're spending time with tim and fam, taking great pics, and exploring the world. you are a girl of adventure! a superhero in your own right. enjoy the fresh lock look - love you girl! so glad for the update i felt like i was missing out on so much going on with you, so lovely to get caught up!!
    1735 days ago
    Wow you've had some great things going on. Congrats and keep smiling.
    1735 days ago
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