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Boy do I need this SP article on emotional eating!

Friday, August 23, 2013


The good news is that your Emotional Eating Beast is a pretty dim-witted emoticon critter, and you can trick it into going back where it came from without too much effort, if you know how to do it. Here are some tricks that usually work:
Play the Stalling Game. Your Beast has a very short emoticon attention span, and if you can manage to stall emoticon it for just a few minutes on its way to the kitchen, it will often emoticon forget why it woke up in the first place, and happily emoticon go back where it came from. So, instead emoticon of trying to fight it and tell it that it can’t have what it wants, just tell it to hang on for five minutes emoticon and wait until you’re done doing what you’re doing. If necessary, you can usually get away with stalling like this 2-3 times before things start to get ugly, and most of the time, that 10-15 minutes will be plenty long enough for your Beast to forget the whole business and go back to sleep. emoticon

Play the Distraction/Substitution Game. If your Beast doesn’t fall for the Stalling Game, you can still use your emoticon superior mental capacities to keep the upper hand. The key here is to keep in mind that what your Beast really wants isn’t food, but emotional comfort emoticon . If you can find ways to comfort emoticon yourself that don’t involve food, the need to eat will go away very quickly. Find something you enjoy doing that’s simple and easy to do right away. Listen to soothing or inspirational music emoticon , take a hot bath emoticon or a nice walk around the block, logon to SparkPeople emoticon , grab the phone and chat emoticon with a friend, or do some inspirational reading emoticon —you get the idea.

Think of the Beast as a young child who just woke up from a nightmare, and of yourself as the parent emoticon looking for a way to help your child emoticon calm down and realize that it was all just a bad dream. emoticon

Play the Good Beast/ Bad Beast Game. Even though the Beast may seem powerful and overwhelming, it is just as afraid of you as you are of it. It knows full well that you can and, someday, probably will just tell it to go take a hike emoticon , and that will be the end of the game. To postpone this unhappy day for as along as possible, the Beast is always willing to negotiate with you if you can muster up enough nerve emoticon to stare it in the eye and demand some sort of compromise you can live with. If you keep your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon that won’t kill your diet and your self-respect, and you let the Beast get its hands on them, then you can both stay relatively happy—until that day when you’re ready to finally toss the Beast out emoticon and change the locks. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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