30-Day Yeast Cleanse done, starting another

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I cut out wheat (mostly) and sugar (almost completely) for the past 30 days and took the Candaclear 4 herbal/probiotic supplements every day (missed one so this is actually 31 days).

I did have a flour tortilla twice, sushi with battered shrimp in the middle 3 times, and one or two other small instances of wheat. I had fresh fruit but no refined sugar until last weekend at my Aunt's 70th birthday party (I had a little of the frosting off the cake and about a cup of orange fluff).

I started at 187.0 and finished at 177.1

Even considering that ~3 of those pounds were bloat from the weekend before I started, that's still net of 6.5 or 7 pounds lost in 30 days. And I'm under 180 again, finally, which is awesome! My clothes fit better, I have a couple of skirts I couldn't wear for the last year that I can again. And my ankles! Instead of being puffy by the end of basically every day, are only puffy once in awhile, usually after I've had a little wheat or a drink that day or the day before, or didn't get enough water.

My measurements are a little better overall as well (as evidenced by being able to wear those skirts again). I've lost 1.75" at my waist, 1.25" off hips, 1.25" off butt, and about a half inch off each of upper arms, thighs and calves.

My Osteopath said that the inflammation she could feel in my whole body when working on me was gone after the first week and a half.

I've been reading a lot on the SummerTomato website, and about Darya's Foodist philosophy and it makes the most sense to me out of everything I've ever read or heard or tried. M and I have been shifting our eating habits that direction and I'm sure that's helping as well. Basically, it's a whole food philosopy. Eat local and seasonal and fresh, make it yourself, only eat intact grains (if it doesn't look like a grain any more, it doesn't count). Other foods like bread and dessert are treats to be had in small quantities once a week or twice a month or less.

Since this has worked so well for me, and I do feel better and am finally losing weight again (and haven't had cravings for sugar OR wheat hardly at all in the last month), I'm going to do another 30 days. This was my osteopath's suggestion. But even without her suggestion and the Candaclear 4 I would keep this up. I'm going to spend the next 30 days allowing myself bread or tortilla or something like that once a week or so and keep with the staying off sugar thing (though I will make an allowance for my birthday and have a cupcake or ice cream or something). Since the weather is likely to get cooler from here, I'm also going to try walking. I haven't been doing that, only got my 5000 steps in 11 out of the last 30 days. But I need to move more to be healthy and walking is a good place to start.

Onward and Downward!
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