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Thursday, August 22, 2013

99 Bottles? Nope, I don't really drink.
99 Cents Store? Uh Uh, I am not the land of discount stuff and strangely scented air fresheners.
99 Problems? I'm not JayZ...

I'm feeling like a bit of a Paleo failure. I was really putting my eggs in one basket with this Paleo lifestyle thing. But of course, one diet lifestyle does not fit all (Bingo!).

Day 99 of my Paleo journey officially ended yesterday. Unfortunately for me, I gained at least another 5lbs this past month, bringing my total lbs gained to at least 15. Having those extra lbs come hang out with me while NOT eating sugar, soy, dairy, grains, beans, legumes, white potatoes, corn, refined stuff just seemed to baffle me in a big way. As of a couple of weeks ago, my calves down through to my feet seemed to protest loudly with major swelling and redness. I still can't see my ankles and its been almost three weeks! Hurts even more to do simple things that were already hurting to begin with due to Ethel. So yeah, my body is p!ssed off to say the least.
I kept receiving encouragement from others to stick to it, and how my body was just finding its way into healing, so I did. It made sense, but that doesn't seem to be the case at this point. Could my body really be reacting this way due to food? I found a naturopathic doctor near my home and got to see her last week. Just waiting on some blood work to see how she can help. Fingers crossed : ).

And then a sparkly pal suggested that perhaps I was p!ssed off as well, and had every right to be. Well CANNIE you were right! I guess I didn't allow myself to acknowledge that since I refused to believe that healthy food (NOT junk food) could be causing such a reaction from my body. So I thought for a moment about it. Yep, I was mad. Grrrrrr!

I capped off day 99 to end my paleo efforts with HUGE spoonfuls of Nutella that a pal brought me from her trip to Ireland a while back.
It gets even better. I planned it. Well, honestly, 99 days of eating so spanking clean, just to be even more wiggly (sorry!), seemed to bring my inner three year old smack up to the surface of my emotions. She wanted a prize for being so good for so long. So... I decided to break that paleo contract with some horribly good sugar (the horror!), and then go back to just plain old balanced food today.
I am still not to be trusted with sugar around. I know that I can't just dip one spoon (finger/chopstick/my dog Olive) in that jar again w/o inhaling it. But that is why I brought it here to work. I find that comforting for some reason, like i don't have to stress about that since it is truly out of sight.

And I refuse to feel guilty about the Nutella. Sorry, ain't happening. I don't plan on doing that again in the near future, but darn it, it was GOOD. Am I breaking the rules by saying that? Forgive me. Strangely, I slept better than I have in a very long time, even with a lightening storm turning my bedroom into the Vegas strip every 60 seconds. : )

So what have I learned on this time of living a paleo lifestyle? 99 days still proved (to myself anyway) that my sugar cravings were just not going buh-bye, no matter what author, blogger or medical professional promised. They were still there. Amazingly, they were at their worst these past few weeks (Nuts!). It also proved to me that I now know FOR SURE I can (and have) survived longer than I thought I ever would have been able to without any sugar or junk food.
Boy, if you would have asked me months ago to give up popcorn for almost 100 days I would have laughed at you (and probably thrown heavy things). I did it. Too bad it didn't seem to change my body for the better -well, at least from the outside. That was the very vain Bren speaking there. Oops! Yes, I need to work on that.

'Nuff said.
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    It does sound like you have water weight. Does paleo mean lots of protein. Maybe your system can't handle protein. Or it sounds like you are missing an enzyme somewhere so you are not digesting something important. I am thinking of PKU but that is not your problem obviously. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. chris
    2021 days ago
    If anything, you're persistent. Great that you stuck to your paleo diet. Sucks that it didn't work.

    I know what you mean about still craving sugar. Me too.

    So, what next, a HUGE chocolate bar? :P

    2033 days ago
    I am so sorry this didn't work for you. I had high hopes it would be your miracle. You're my hero for sticking it out this long!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2034 days ago
    What I am not hearing here is portion control. You changed your diet but did you change the portions? I have participated in countless marathons and I always say for as much as I exercise I should be a stick. But if I am not watching my portions i.e. calories I can exercise all day long and weight loss will be difficult even slow and maybe even gain. The only thing I believe you don't have to watch in the food area is vegetables (excluding potatoes and corn). The experts say that even if it is low-cal or non-fat you still have to watch the portions cos you'll end up.
    2035 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Dang! I am so sorry that didn't work out for you. It would have been such a relief! But you have to be closer now. And maybe it's not food anyway. (I"m a little glad to hear that the sugar desires didn't go away completely. Mine are so much more manageable now, but I still like it and SOMETIMES still eat a bit more than I'm hungry for when I do have it. But it doesn't rule me anymore.)
    2035 days ago
    well you certainly learned a lot! And CANNIE Is always so wise! Just proves that what works for one wont work for another. 99 days? you gave it a HELL of a shot, girl. Ethel is a big BIOTCH and I wish she would leave you alone! Think of you daily and hope you start feeling better...love ya, Jan
    2036 days ago
    I'm SO sorry this didn't work for you, either! I know how much hope you had crammed into that basket. I think the fact that your cravings didn't go away is one of the biggest indicators that you were on the wrong path for you. When you do find the right combination of nutritional support and avoidances, I'm pretty sure that THEN your cravings will come under control. I pray for wisdon and healing at the hands of this naturopath. There has got to be a way to address the inflammation (one of the many autoimmune protocols) in your body and beat back Ethyl and her autoimune HELL.

    Hey! Have you considered discussing autoimmune nutritional protocols with your pain docs... or is that too 'out there' for them? Is there a rheumatologist on your pain team?

    I think it will be interesting information for you as you return to simple clean, balanced eating and see how your body responds... I bet you begin to dump water weight like crazy ('wiggly' is usually indicative of inflammation/fluid retention, not actual 'fat'... really, you can't actually store 'fat' on what you were eating these 90 days).

    Still walking beside you... praying... always praying!
    2036 days ago
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