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Weigh in day 8/22/13

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weigh in day. I'm up slightly (.4), but my body fat is down 1%. Woo Hoo! I'm in 2 groups that have different weigh-in days. The on-line group on Thursday, and office group on Friday. I decided to keep things simple and use my Thursday morning weigh in for both.

So why the gain? I was sick with strep and couldn't be as active as I want. On sick days I got 3,000 steps, compared to well days when I was getting 10,000 or more steps. Or it could be muscle gain.

And why the fat loss? I'm 2 weeks into the 6-week kettlebell DVD training, as well as doing strength training like Abs & Ends at the gym. One day my glute muscles were just twitching! (WTMI) My pants are slipping on me better.

What's in store for the next week?
1. Portion control
2. Kettlebell DVD 3x
3. Interval training 3x

4/18: 183.2
4/25: 182 (-1.2)
5/2: 181.4 (-.6)
5/9: 181.2 (-.2)
5/23: 180.6 (-.6)
5/30: 180.4 (-.2)
6/6: 179 (-1.4)
6/13: 178 (-1)
6/20: 177.4 (-.6)
6/27: 177.6 (+.2)
7/4: 176.8 (-.8)
7/11: 176.8
7/18: 175.8 (-1)
7/25: 176 (+.4)
8/1: 176
8/8: 174.4 (-1.6)
8/15: 174.2 (-.2)
8/22: 174.6 (+.4)

Spinach & Turkey Bacon Quiche

It's basically this recipe topped with 5 slices of cooked turkey bacon


I've been so busy lately, I don't have time to get a hair cut.
5:30 wake up, shower, hair & makeup, walk & feed dog, cats, DS14, self
7:00 drive DS14 to early PE
7:30 work
12:00 lunch, walk dog, eat
3:30 leave work, change for gym, cook dinner
4:40 gym
5:45 drive DS14 to band rehearsal (dog along for ride)
6:00 dog park, errands
7:00 dinner, watch TV
9:00 p/u DS14
10:00 bed

Today there's no band rehearsal, so I'm skipping the gym getting DS14 & I haircuts, then shopping for school supplies.


Finally, some of you have asked about when the Fat 2 Fit podcast is coming out again, and have I heard from Russ. I've been very patient and understanding that a podcast is a lot of work, and maybe they're taking the summer off. But it's been a growing frustration that I send emails of my progress every other week, and I just don't hear back. I feel like Russ has abandoned the podcast.

But YOU haven't abandoned me. I really appreciate you cheering me on the weight loss journey, putting wind in my sails. You are a wonderful source of unconditional acceptance.

Thank you!
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