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FIL/Dad report

Thursday, August 22, 2013

OK, a much better story to tell. Dad is doing well. The surgeon came in about 4 and answered all our questions. He also showed us an xray of Dad’s new hardware and explained in detail what they did. I have to say that compared to the MRI we saw of Dad’s spine before the surgery, things looked pretty good. Dad was alert and in no pain or discomfort. Probably the pain meds still working, but I was amazed at how he behaved.

Assuming all is well in the morning, Dad will be sent home around 2pm by ambulance. He needs to stay off his feet completely for two weeks so there is no downward pressure on his spine. We have arranged for nursing care at his house 24X7 for the whole two weeks. We also have the nutritionist preparing meals for Dad for the next two weeks as well. We will set up his computer at his bedside so he will have access to email, phone, and movies whenever he wants. Near the end of the two weeks, he will be fitted with a back brace that he will wear for some period of time. There will also be some in home physical therapy at some point.

I looked the doctor in the eye today and asked, “are you happy with your work” and his answer was “very, very, happy. David will have much less pain if any at all”. Now, I know this was the surgeon speaking, but he conveyed a sense of accomplishment and pride in his work. He even told us he could pay the hospital on his credit card and we could pay him back later if needed.

Anyway, this day started out looking pretty bleak but after seeing Dad, talking to him, talking to the doctor, and seeing the xray, we left the hospital feeling pretty good. It will be a lousy two weeks for Dad but he will endure. Thankfully we have access to in home nursing services at a reasonable price.

So feeling much better today about the results.

Off to walk the dogs then get ready to go to the hospital.

Hope you all have a good day. Stay healthy!
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