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We Are Fighters

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Have you ever had that feeling that you don't want to do this anymore? Have you ever felt like you have given it your all for a long time, and you just aren't seeing the results that you thought you would see? That feeling that you just want to throw in the towel? Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered how in the world you were going to do this? Have you ever thought that this journey is too hard? Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the journey? Have you ever had that helpless feeling of not knowing how you were ever going to finish this journey?

Have YOU ever had any or all of those feelings?

I know that I have personally had all of those feelings at one time or another during my journey. Did I look in the mirror when I was 509 lbs. and wonder how in the world I was going to do this? OF COURSE I DID! I looked at myself in the mirror and seriously doubted that I could ever lose 210 lbs. to make my goal!

Did I want to quit when I was doing the Insanity workout program when I weighed 430 lbs? OF COURSE I DID! I hurt. I was frustrated because I could only do half of the workout that everyone on the video was doing! I struggled to motivate myself to even start the video because it was so hard! It is hard doing squats and push-ups at 430 lbs!

Did I feel overwhelmed when I lost over 100 lbs and the scale still said 400+ and I still had over 100 lbs. to lose? Darn right I felt overwhelmed!

I took a lot of punches and got up every time! I did not quit! I fought for what I wanted!

The journey that we are on is hard. The journey that we are on is really hard! But most of all, this journey that we are on IS WORTH IT!

This journey isn't meant to be easy. This journey will test you in ways that would break a lot of people. You will worry and doubt yourself. You will hurt. You will cry. You will want to quit...BUT YOU WON'T!

No matter what the scale says, YOU KEEP GOING! No matter what obstacle is put in your way , YOU KEEP GOING! No matter what the world says, YOU. KEEP. GOING. That is what you do! You fight for what you want and you don't stop until you get it! That is what WE do!

The one thing you can not do is QUIT! The word quit is not even in our vocabulary. You will take a punch on the chin one day that puts you down on the canvas. But you are a fighter! The next day, you will get up and you will start throwing punches back! Let me see your left hook today! Show me your right jab tomorrow! You keep throwing your punches and someday, YOU WILL WIN YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP!

Embrace Your Possibilities

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