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I've Got a Goal and I'm Not Giving Up!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For a good portion of my life I've been giving up, on myself. There were several reasons for giving up, but, in truth, none of them were very good. Okay, so they weren't really reasons...they were excuses. I'm tired of making excuses why I can't do things. It's time for a change, I'm ready for a change and I'm committed to making this change.

My boss is a running coach and an ultra-marathoner and when he first started here (one year ago today, August 20, 2012) he said that if anyone was interested in training he would be willing to help them. I knew that I wanted to make better choices and I thought about asking him then if he would help me...but I'd just had surgery, and was on blood thinners for a blood clot in my leg. Oh, and 10 days after getting out of the hospital I had a car accident. I was pretty banged up, but thankfully there were no major injuries, just a heck of a lot of pain. So anyway, I put asking for help on the back burner, as I've done so many times before.

Around Thanksgiving I ended up with cellulitis in my lower left leg, probably a result of being on the blood thinners, the doctor said. Talk about painful! It took about two months of being on antibiotics for that to go away and by then it was January 2013. New Year's resolutions anyone? Yeah, me either.

In February I tripped on my way back from taking the trash out and ended up with a fat, bruised bottom lip and a severely sprained right forearm. In June I tipped over my husband's new scooter and sprained three fingers on BOTH hands and my left wrist. Thank God for the helmet or I'd have busted my face again, too. Fortunately the scooter was okay, just a couple of scuffs.

Sounds like I broke a mirror or a black cat crossed my path at some point, doesn't it?

However, I firmly believe that at least some of these setbacks could have been prevented if I had been in better shape physically. And being in better physical shape contributes to better mental clarity, or so the experts say, which could have prevented a couple of the other setbacks. But I don't get a do-over for what happened in the past, do I?

So that brings me to yesterday, when I sat down with my boss and reminded him of his offer to help me become a healthier person and, maybe someday, a runner. He kindly agreed to put together a walking plan for me (running is out of the question right now as I couldn't run around the block). I told him that my first goal is to run or walk/run in the Bolder Boulder, a 10K which is on Memorial Day 2014. He said that is a completely do-able goal and today he sat down with me again to go over the plan. The first 12 weeks look like this:

So far I've exceeded, by a little bit, the times for Monday and Tuesday this week. I walked about 30 minutes yesterday and the same today. I'm pretty excited to have a plan and an accountability partner/coach. I'm looking forward to seeing what changes I experience over the next 12 weeks!

Here is my "before" picture, taken at the Happiest Place on Earth (while on our honeymoon):

Let's see what I can do in the next 12 weeks!!
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