Wednesday, August 21, 2013

i guess everyone has an idea of 'how they view fitness time'. i remember when i went to yoga and pilates classes before they were popular, then training and working out at the gym where the comments were 'oh they are ok for keeping limber but they are NOT EXERCISE'!
i did step classes for 18 years - never missed a thursday night and was told to put that in the same category as dancing - NICE BUT NOT REAL EXERCISE.
then i hear - any movement is good - just move your body.
last year i remember asking all you sparkers if you felt raking leaves, gardening, and yard work in general was exercise - most of you who commented said yes. i asked cause there had been a program on TV about fitness - and that type of work along with housework, and standing on your feet cooking for hours , and walking around shopping WAS NICE MOVEMENT BUT NOT EXERCISE.!!!
so all my mall walks - and my window shopping - groceries - walking for the mail - and the above noted stuff - I HAVE NEVER entered in my fitness minutes -
i just dissed it . one fitness person even went so far as to say to me - if you were exercising properly in a way that counted - you would have lost more weight by now!
so let's have a poll - along with any comments you want to make about this subject - just end your contribution with a YEAH or NO -
thanks for your input BB
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  • MSPOOH404
    I don't think we will get people to agree on what does or does not count as exercise, or what should or should not be counted as "fitness minutes."

    I read somewhere (probably here on SP) that "exercise" was a planned activity for the purpose of improving fitness. It should have a certain duration and be of a certain intensity. So according to whatever it was I read, just going out for a stroll on a whim would not count as exercise; but if I'd planned to do it, and did it at a certain intensity or for a certain duration, then it would be. emoticon

    Personally, I think that for a previously sedentary person, anything a person does with a mind to get moving--walking around the grocery store or walking around the block--is the beginnings of fitness for them. And I can't speak for other people, but I've had some housecleaning sessions that have had me sweating bullets...and not because it was warm in the house!

    (I also use a FitBit and I count every single step I take!)

    2071 days ago
    I am a nurse and I wear a fit bit and I count all the steps that I do during the day on my fitness. I do not count housework though. I used to go to Curves and I KNOW that it was a real workout and try telling one of my co-workers that yoga is not a REAL exercise! I think that any activity that gets you moving is a good thing!
    2071 days ago
    emoticon In the Beginning, about all the walking I COULD do was in Wal-Mart using a Shopping Cart like a Walker. I didn't "Shop" I just walked Non Stop around the store. So Yeah, I counted it as "Fitness Minutes". I still walk in Wal-Mart occasionally when the Weather is Bad. I don't use a Cart any more, but Yes, I Do Count those Walks in my Fitness because I am moving continuously and my Heart Rate is elevated.
    emoticon On a slightly Different Note, I have been told that Curves Gym is NOT a Real Gym or a Real Workout. I say if I am getting the Results I want, it IS a workout for me.
    emoticon If I did Yard Work or Heavy Gardening I might count it -- If it lasted a Significant Time, and got my Heart Rate up. I have never counted Housework or Cooking because I am not Working Hard Enough or Consistently Enough to get my Heart Rate up. I can't say that someone else shouldn't count it, though.
    2072 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Modern housework doesn't tax enough of the muscles of the body at a time to improve fitness, unfortunately. It's hard to determine how vigorously the movements are done, too. It's also hard to be honest about how many consecutive minutes people put in. That's why it's hard to calculate its effect on fitness and calorie burn. Even the calories claimed to be expended by the charting here on Spark are just good guesses. But if I put in time with vigorous scrubbing, vacuuming, digging in the garden, and hauling, I can find a way to count them as minutes. I've thought of having another goal of keeping count of how much time a day I spend standing up doing housework. It's not much now!

    Yoga and Pilates classes can vary, too, but I'd call them exercise, depending on how intense they are. I equate them with calisthenics and I try to rate them according to intensity, if I count them. I'm usually conservative with them. Honestly, I did pretty intense yoga several days a week for a few years, but never lost the weight I did when I did aerobic classes for the same amount of time.
    2073 days ago
    Unless your cooking, cleaning, shopping or other daily activities has you gasping for air, suffering from serious muscle fatigue or otherwise, I would NOT count it as fitness. I also find minutes to be a poor measurement of how well you're exercising. Asses can be kicked in the gym in 30 minutes or less. If you're not spent after 30, you're doing it wrong. More minutes does not equal more better.
    2073 days ago
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