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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Went to bed last night and heard the words rain for the morning commute. they lied. it came early. At 405 am I was having one of those tossing and turning nights and could hear the dog being fussy. Next thing I hear him run out of the bedroom and go downstairs. Figure he heard something outside or was just thirsty. When he did not come back I went downstairs where he was sitting at the foot of the steps, looking like Mommy come get me. Then I saw a flash of lightening, the thunder and lots of rain pouring. I got him back upstairs and the climbed into bed. he went and lay on the side of the bed when he knew I was staying awake with him. The tv kept going in and out but finally stabilitized. the news guy came on and showed us where it was passing through and when it should be over. Guess it finally ended close to 630 and I went back to sleep for a bit, knowing I had to be up at 8 for labs.

Got labs done and shockingly the place was empty when I got there. So even with the appointment I was next to be taken care of

Since the forecast was more rain this afternoon, figured I could run some errands on that end of town. So grocery store, starbucks, staples, our wine store, book store, craft store and another book store. As I was leaving that second book store, it started drizzling. Figure I would head home and perhaps stop at Whole Foods. Listening to the news on the radio, the interestate now had an accident so it is back roads home. the more I drive, the worse the rain is getting. It is like blinding sheets of glass. Roads are flooded from this mornings rain. Closer I get to home, the worse the roads are now there are several accidents blocking the road home. I was right behind one of the people involved in our accident and the fire dept actually had to stop traffic so I could cut through the shopping center . And of course, the temps are so crazy inside the car and outside, that my windows keep fogging up and I am constantly wiping them so I can see. Finally it is just to much for me to see and I pulled off until it cleared a bit.

and of course the closer I get to home, the more lightening and thunder there is out there now and all I can think of is the dog going nuts.

So now home, still a bit wet but just want to calm down a bit and get some lunch.

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