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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I've always viewed exercise as a necessity and although I love the way I feel when I'm exercising regularly I still found it to be a chore and could get easily distracted from doing it. I always considered it "a necessary evil". However - I've found something that I absolutely love - ZUMBA!

I know we've all heard that a certain race of people are supposed to have natural rhythm, but that excludes me in a big way. My mother and father were great dancers and I have a son that moves like he is boneless. It skipped over me! I don't have 2 left feet - I have feet with a mind of their own. I don't move separate parts of my body in sync and I sometimes resemble someone having a seizure when I dance (not to offend anyone that suffers with seizures) and if everyone is on a 3,4,5 count - trust and believe I'm on a 4,6,7 count. But with Zumba, it doesn't matter - I move, I shake, I sweat, I laugh at myself and I am having FUN! And on a bonus note- I'm losing inches. The scale is still stuck on stupid - but I am able to get in my "skinny" capris easier and they are comfortable all day long.

I have much more confidence and energy and I find now that I will practice my Zumba moves where ever I am if I hear a beat that reminds me of the music. I have stepped up my moves, making bigger steps, rocks and deeper squats. My instructors are encouraging and supportive and I think that when they smile at me during the routines its because I look comical doing them. I come home and show my grandbabies what I learned and they just laugh and laugh and shake with Granny. Two of my sons go with me regularly and they will help me thru more difficult moves.

We do a routine to "Moves like Jagger" and it is fairly complicated for me and I usually just move to keep from tripping over my feet. Well I have taken the attitude that "I can" instead of "I can't do that" and last night I conquered the kick/step out move that has eluded my feet for months. I may never do it as smooth as the instructor - but I did it. When she saw me doing it she laughed and laughed and congratulated me on conquering it!

I may not be a candidate for "Dancing with the Stars" or "You Think You Can Dance" but I am burning calories, moving my body and having fun doing it. I also find that I am able to do more strength training exercises and I don't have aches and joint pains like I used to. So - find something that gives you joy and is fun and you will see results.

And by the way - Yes - I think I can ZUMBA! Keep SPARKing!
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    Hence my spark name, I am obsessed with zumba! Everything I read about exercise tells me that it becomes much easier when you find your passion. Well, I certainly found mine in zumba. And I'm assuming you did too. I was a dancer for 20 years, but have not danced since my early 20's. When I first started taking zumba it really sparked the dancer in me again. I never realized how much I've missed dancing. I pick up steps very quickly and my instructor suggested that I get certified myself. I would love to get certified, but I want to get in better shape first. I'm not sure how long you've been taking zumba, but the more you go, the better you will get. Just remember that everything is either a 4 count or 8 count. Also, pay attention to the music and when it changes. You'll be doing the steps without thinking about it in no time!! I love the song, "moves like Jagger"!! Wish we did a dance to it. My favorite zumba song right now is "don't stop the party" by pitbull. Actually, I love anything by pitbull!! As a fellow zumba lover, I am adding you as a friend.
    2377 days ago
    I've always wanted to try Zumba. Sounds like it's a fantastic workout and that it's challenging! I'd probably be a few steps behind too - but it's the effort that counts! Keep at it and dance your way to healthy!
    2377 days ago
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