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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer has been crazy. That is it, plain and simple. I have had literally little to no time on some days to get on Spark. Posting has been a challenge and is one of the requirements of the BLC. If not for that, I doubt I would have been on SP much at all. Reading blogs.... forget it! I miss being able to keep up with everyone. The kids are down to less than a week before school starts and I am thinking I may have a little bit more "me" time (WHAT'S THAT?!!!) when they do. I have enjoyed summer for the most part. It is very challenging with all four kids at home and their age spread is so great that just compacts the challenge even more. It is tough trying to switch mindset from toddler tantrums to teenage angst emoticon I am just trying to enjoy each day for what its worth because I know that there will come a time in the very near future that I won't have all four kids under one roof as my DD is entering her sophomore year in HS. Crazy. Insanity. Trying to think about college and wrap my mind around the fact that I have a child old enough to be talking like that is a serious mind-trip!

My little guy had his 2nd birthday (!) at the end of July. That for me has been very, very hard to accept. He is growing into such a neat little man. He challenges me daily and is very independent and definitely has his own ideas about things. He has discovered tantrums which leave me overwhelmed on some days and laughing on others depending on my mood and sense of humor. He talks a lot. The doctor was simply amazed at his vocabulary for being the youngest, she says typically they see grunting and pointing in the smallest ones, but not my little guy. He talks and repeats just about everything (((including some of the things I tend to yell out when driving.... yeah, that's probably not so good... emoticon ). He is truly my little miracle. When I remember back to everything we went through in the beginning and how wonderful of a pregnancy and delivery it was with him, I feel so good he came to us.

My oldest son is in Tae Kwon Do and has recently been promoted to advanced yellow belt. I am salavating at the thought of joining the adult group. Still trying to figure out a way to make it happen, it looks like such fun. My oldest son has had a hard time with self confidence and finding his own way that it has been amazing for him. I have watched him go through hell this summer with some of the nasty kids he knows and he has held his head up high and taken it all in stride, I can't help but give a lot of the credit to him taking that class. It is helping him with all aspects of his life, not just what happens on the mat. We're looking at putting my 7 year old into it afeter he finishes up his swimming lessons. It will be an excellent place for him to expend some of his energy as he has a surplus!

As for me, I think the break from Spark has been a mixed bag. On one hand, I truly miss everyone, the blogs, the teams. But on the other hand, I have had a chance to step away a bit and figure a few things out. I have spent a lot of time in turmoil these past couple of years trying to figure out how to get to where I want to be with my goals for fitness and weight loss. I think I have locked into my groove. I am eating. A lot. I am ranging anywhere between 1800 on a low day to 2100 on a high day and cycling my calories. I feel really great. I am putting much more emphasis on healing over losing weight. Getting enough sleep (which has been stressed and challenged over these last couple of years no doubt), taking care of myself emotionally (definitely a challenge most days), learning to actually like myself (again a challenge a lot of the time), deal with stress, and just strike that balance with life. Taking care of myself on top of taking care of my family is hard. It is easy to let my stuff slide and not do things but this summer I have been good. I met up with my B/F for a pedi, coffee and lunch over the summer which is a huge undertaking and easy to put aside with everything that I have going on. I have kept very active physically. I am in the 3rd week of ChaLEAN and am trying to figure out what I am going to do post ChaLEAN. I am leaning toward Les Mills Pump becuase it looks like a freaking blast or Cathe's Xtrain. If anyone has any input on either of these, please let me know! I am really trying to make a decision. I have been a loyalist when it comes to BeachBody products because I like the way they're put together and are very sound programs, but I can't ignore the fact that Cathe has a strong following as well. I just want a solid program I can do at home. I was goign to join the gym, but at least for now, I don't see that happening...

I lost three pounds this week. I don't take a lot of stock in the scale but it is nice to see it move. I have signed back up for the next round of the BLC and look forward to the challenge. I enjoy the challenge because it is easy to work with what I am doing personally. I miss everyone and look forward to the time I have to spend a bit more time with everyone. It is very hard to believe that summer is gone. Time goes so fast anymore. I hope everyone is doing well and hope to catch back up with my groups and friends soon! Just know I am not ignoring everyone, just trying to keep my head afloat!
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    Thanks for updating! I always wonder what happened when people disappear for awhile.

    Definitely join TKD yourself! It is a great workout and as you have seen with your son a great way to improve one's self confidence. And being able to defend yourself and your children if necessary is priceless.

    Then there is the discipline bonus...I always told my kids I joined because I knew they would be bigger than me one day and I was going to make sure I could take them over my knee at any age if needed...like Bill Cosby said, I brought you into this world, I can take you out (and then make another one who looks just like you!) emoticon
    2247 days ago
  • no profile photo FLGIRL_4EVER
    Les Mills Pump is AWESOME!!! I am curious to know which team(s) you applied with for the next round...drop me a line and let me know :)
    2247 days ago
    I just watched a DVD called The Happiest Toddler on the Block... Great info. Being a mom comes first over spark! Yes you also come first over spark! Sometimes we need change to see the changes happening. In the end spending time with a friend for a pedi or lunch does matter. Laughter is great for the soul and emotional live connections with friends will keep life going. We are all here on spark, but not all the time. Great reading your blog. I am glad you are taking time for YOU! TWD is great, however I would caution the full contact as it can impact your spine down the road. I have over 13 yrs experience. Now I am going for back surgery due to a wrk injury. Some of the findings on the MRI I associate with this sport. I am young and I should not see some of these changes in my spine this young. Hense I lov the sport but question the full contact and the allowence and kicking towards the side of the back for points? This sport is hard on your body. Great for self confidence..
    2248 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Summer just flew by didn't it? I'm kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum from you. I only have one kiddo and I'm off work in the summer so I have lots of time. Now I'm back to work though and so I will have to grab my me time in tiny little spurts until May.
    2248 days ago
    You are doing what you can and proud of you!
    2248 days ago
  • KNH771
    Busy is an understatement! It sounds like "good busy" though. Hopefully you'll have a bit more me time when school starts.
    2248 days ago
    Jeez! Terrible Two's and Teenage Angst all in one house?!? You have my deepest sympathy!

    I bought the Les Mills Pump program and it's great. I got sidetracked and have had some trouble getting back into the swing of it, but overall I think it does a really good job of demonstrating good form and motivating you to keep going. I like the variety of programs included - some shorter, some longer, a yoga/stretching one, to name a few. And the barbell/weights appear to be of very good quality.

    I think my problem has been that the program schedule advances too quickly for me. It was moving me towards a 55-60 minute daily program before I was ready. So I'm having to take quite a bit longer than the recommended 90-day schedule.

    So, that's my $0.02 (adjusted for inflation)! emoticon
    2249 days ago
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