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Proud morning

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sometimes I find it helps to spring an idea on myself suddenly and then just go for it.

Was thinking about whether to go for a short walk or bike ride before work, but there wasn't that much time, so I said to myself "I could do a kettlebell workout" and 5 minutes later I was changed and swinging my kettlebells.

Hadn't done it for a few weeks - when I did it last time I was a little too ambitious, which was painful afterwards... So I went light on the weights used.


Sets of 12 (each side where one-sided)

Cleans 8kg
Hip extensions
Bent over row 8kg
Calf raise 8kg

2-arm swings 12kg

Clean and press 8kg
Wide stance squat 12kg
High pulls 8kg
Calf raise 12kg

2-arm swings 12kg

Crunches 8kg
Twists 8kg

2-arm swings 12kg

Compound overhead press 8kg
Alt swing and catch 8kg
Wide stance squat 12kg
Overhead swings 12kg
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