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I hate having automimmune issues

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

for those with autoimmune issues you know the routine. you start with one thing. For me it was thyroid issues, specially hasimoto's thryoid. then I got a side issue, glacoma. not big since I take drops to manage it

then for me came adrenal issues, followed by parathryoid issues and the discovry I have no pitutary gland controlling all my glands.

We truly believed we have my parathryooid gland under control since I increased my vitamin D to 100K units a day.

Two weeks ago they drew labs and also did a saliva test. I got copies of the results and to me the saliva ones for cortisol just looked really low to me

As I sat down with my doctor today, we had a hour eye opening visit for both of us. We started with the increase in my A1c. I asked if it was possible if that since crestor is in the family family with lipitor and a lot of women are developing diabetes from lipitor if that was the possibilty. he looked it up on line and found there was a link to them. So tomorow I do a base line lipids profile and then off the crestor, only zetia and garlique for the next 12 weeks to see how my numbers change

My thryoid numbers are iffy but for now he is not going to change my meds.

Then comes the saliva test and cortisol levels. He told that when he looked at my levels, his first thought was how do I manage to get out of bed in the morning. the levels are so low, they actually could not be measured. the lab was gracious and gave me a 0.04 which is the lowest their system can go.

So now I have to start more supplements for my adrenals and should they not work after a week, I am going on a low dose steriod to help protect mykidneys

I also have to go on a very low fat diet which includes no fish, meats or chicken, mostly veggies and a lot of other things, like cheese which I am allergeric to. I am going to find alternates around this so that I get some proteins in

So now have a lot of new researching to do so I can find things I can eat and life will be good all around
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