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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We decided to go along the path where Mom had seen the young beaver. It was not far from the pond. But there was no signs of any activity there.

We had to take the higher up trail because the flooding had caused a lot of mess on the lower, but this one was nicer anyway.

It was steep and maintained by off road bikers:

Enjoyed the challenge:

Just a gorgeous little trail with rocks on it.
When we tried to go on the lower trail, there was this blockage, washed up from the flood:

Mom of course, went first to see if it was safe. The enterprising beaver used the plank there to get at a tree:

On the day we walked home from the Farmer's Market it was quite hot and after taking a very long set of stairs up from River Landing, Mom wanted a sit down break. She doesn't like her photo being taken so it was supposed to be of the pretty flowers and she just happened to be in the background ;) She did get her hair cut a few inches, casuing it to really curl up more:

So my day on Monday was fine up until I was printing the STaC hand records out for our club's tournament. The printer would double feed, causing me to get one side printed on or cut off entirely. Since it wasn't a duplex printer, I had to flip the pages manually and get the other side printed, well that was fun, double feeding, jams and sides not printed on or just one side meant I had to go back and try again on the blank sides :( What it is was we have a laser printer and were using heavier paper. But when we bought the latest batch, the exact same brand and weight, we found it much lighter weight paper! So the printer wasn't able to handle it well and was feeding badly. Once I got a jam so bad I couldn't budge it :( So I turned the printer off and then back on again. Fortunately it spit out the jam. I learned that tip when I had a jam I couldn't clear on my ink jet printer. I wasted 15 pages of paper from faulty feeding :(
Well, my eyeglasses didn't get back in time so I have to wear my heavy and bulky safety glasses:(
Hoping my brother can fix my little computer so Windows Update will work. I spent a few hours looking for fixes and nothing worked. He said he had a few ideas. Fortunately my MacAfee was fixed and I ran a scan that showed everything was okay.
Don't know how much time I will have on the net. We will get to the hotels about 7 pm and always leave early in the morning. My Mom likes to hit the sack early at nine, while I like to stay up late until midnight. My slow typing means its hard to keep up with Sparking. Mom is a very light sleeper and the slightest noise wakes her up. Unfortunately, my bad insomnia only gives me 2-3 hrs sleep and I get stiff and sore if I stay in bed too long.
Going to be tough sharing a room for both of us. She sleeps separately from her husband as he is a very bad sleeper, kicking and snoring and scratching all over the place. So they have rooms at the opposite ends of their house lol.
I am looking forward to seeing a part of Saskatchewan I have never seen before :)
Have a great week all!
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