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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm only... three weeks into the challenge and no new blogs since the start!! I'm not sure what is so hard about sitting down and writing. I think of topics throughout the day and I like to write (evidenced by the fact that I usually get long winded when I do it!) But whatever, my boss today asked if I was keeping a journal while training for the marathon and when I said no, he suggested I start one and just jot a quick entry when I get to work. Um, paid to blog? Yes, maybe now I will keep everyone updated a little more!!

I have discovered (not surprisingly) that some weeks you just "have it" and some weeks you don't. "It" being the magical feeling when food and exercise come naturally. The first two weeks of the challenge went great. Food wasn't perfect, but it wasn't all bad (I know that this is the area that I struggle in the most). I worked out almost every day. The second week, between biking, walking and running I had almost 50 miles logged on Map My Fitness. It was great!! I started getting into what I am officially calling "long runs" over ten miles. Let me talk a little about weekends and long runs.

Right before the challenge, I ran 8 miles for the first time. This was more than ever before, but nothing that seemed outrageous to me. Two and a half weeks ago, I was scheduled to run ten miles. I was a little anxious about it. I also really love my Friday nights as a time to get a little crazy and my Saturdays and Sundays for sleeping in and brunch. Like, I really really like these things and am usually only willing to give them up for something cooler (an event, a race, etc) And since it's summer, middle of the day running is out. So that Friday, I drank a little and knew that I wasn't going to waste my Saturday morning on running, I wanted to sleep in. So I did. And then on Sunday, I wanted to sleep in again. And all weekend long I had this nagging thought that I still had ten miles on my agenda that had to get done. There is so much to do around the new house still and so many fun summer activities that I want to fit in, that spending two hours running seems like a chore. Plus, where to do it? I'm living in a new area, I don't know which trails will last me five miles out and they're all concrete. Well, I was crabby and anxious and didn't even realize it. I was starting little nit picky fights with the boyfriend. Finally, around 5 on Sunday, I just left the house and started the run. And the instant I got in my groove, I realized how anxious I had been about this run, and how I shouldn't have been at all. It was a long run. It was the longest run I'd ever done. On completely new trails (that ended up being pretty nice), but it went great! For two hours and three minutes, it was just me and the trail. I came back exhausted and far more content than I had been all weekend.

Cue the next week where I kept up my training runs, went to boot camp and spent a little more time getting things (painting and unpacking) done around the house. I can finally see progress and that makes me oh so happy! The long run was scheduled at 12 miles. I decided to go back to my old neighborhood where there's a dirt trail that I know is gorgeous and well maintained. I woke up around 8 on Saturday morning (after minimal drinking on Friday) and just did it. I took a break at six miles for a snack and some water and came up with the line that "Running is just putting one foot in front of the other with a little hop in between" There was six miles between the car and me and no one could get me there but me. The second half of my runs always goes a lot smoother than the first half. Two hours and twenty minutes and I was done with working out for the weekend. How glorious that felt!! I could spend Sunday as a rest day and even took a walk with the boyfriend around a lake near our house.

Then last week happened. I went to boot camp on Monday morning and then was rear-ended on my way to work. I thought it was a super minor accident, and it was (no one was hurt, the other guys truck wasn't even hardly scratched) but my back end was pretty messed up.

Luckily the other guy admitted fault and sent in a claim. I didn't go running Monday in case my body had been more jolted than I thought. I felt fine on Tuesday but was in no mood for working out, so I didn't. On Wednesday I skipped boot camp to take the car into the repair shop. I ran a short and really amazing feeling run on Thursday (4 miles) and then did boot camp and roller skating at a roller disco on Friday. We had carpet installers over on Saturday morning so I didn't get my run in until that evening, but having a plan and sticking with it really helped.

This week I am determined to make it an "on" week. I went to boot camp yesterday morning and ran four miles last night. Today is a seven miler, Wednesday is boot camp and a marathon nutrition class in the evening, Thursday is another four mile run and Friday will be cross training, hopefully on my bike. Saturday is jam packed with volunteering for an adventure race all day and going to a bachelorette party in the evening, I am simply going to have to plan to run Sunday evening (14 miles, but I'm totally not worried) and not stress about it. I have 61 days until the marathon so I think it's time to get serious! hmmmm now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I'll run my 14 miles after work Friday and just get it out of the way...
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