A new milestone for me today. Down 60 Pounds.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This morning I woke up and felt lighter. I decided to give into the urge of the scale. I am happy I did. Today officially marks 60 pounds down on my weightloss journey. Sure, I am not done yet, but I am closer than I have ever been on this journey.

There have been bumps, detours, tears (both happy and not so happy), but I am fighting my way through all of this. I navigate my way one meal at a time, one workout at a time. I push through and make better decisions. I am not perfect, nor do I strive to be. I am human. I have setbacks. I fall down. I just get back up a lot quicker these days.

I know I am here, 60 pounds lighter because I am accountable. I check in daily. I track, I get in 10K + steps a day. I know how to keep this going. The journey will never be over, as this is of course a lifestyle.

Thanks to all of you who share in this journey with me. You are all so inspiring! :)

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