A year later.....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It has been a YEAR since my last blog and I suppose since I was last active on here really. I know, it's been too long and I have missed my sparkpeople!

Not much has changed in the last year. I am older, my kids are growing tall, still at the bank, still running...although I did take a pretty good break this last year. I was just too burned out on it all. The hubs is doing great with his shop, my horse and I FINALLY started competing in barrels, I am still struggling to lose the last 20lbs....funny story, when I logged on to update my page I didn't have to change my ticker. lol!!

So...up to speed since nothing has changed. lol. I am training for my next marathon, Space Coast. I just completed week 3 which was a fall back week for me. I ran 4 miles on Monday, 3 on Thursday, 6 on Saturday, then went to spin class on Wendesday and boot camp on Tuesday...and worked the horses a few days in there too but I don't really count that as *my* work even though I do plenty of work, lol! My long run this week is up to 11 miles!! YAY!

The boys went back to school this week! Super excited about that one!! Ty is in 8th grade, Austin is now in 6th and Riley is in 3rd! TWO in middle school!!! Ka-Ra-Zy!

I took my golden boy (sundancer) to the barrel races this weekend and we ran our first 16 second run!! I was so stoked! It is his 5th run and we have been consistant in the 17 second range which puts is in the money for 4D. This time we fell in the cracks for the money (too slow for 3D but too fast for 4D) but it shows improvement so I am so happy! Pretty soon we will be at the payout window for the 3D!! I can see it!

I have to say that one thing has changed in the last year...I am so happy with where my life is! I have my ups and downs like everybody else but I have the best friends and the most loving and supportive family..and that makes such an amazing difference!
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