Week #4

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This week's loss is 1.5 pounds!

I struggled to put the '!' after that which is completely silly because I LOST weight this week - I didn't gain it so I should be excited about it! That's what I've been telling myself all morning anyway.

So after 4 weeks of my bariatric diet experiment I'm down a total of 15.7 pounds. That's an average loss of 3.9 pounds per week. When I break it down like that it's really pretty good!

I think I'm struggling to accept this loss because it is the lowest loss in this 4 week period.

This coming week will bring new food introductions like chicken, pork, fish and cooked vegetables. The doctor's rule is "Anything that can be cut with a plastic fork." So the food door opens wider.

In preparation for this week we 'warmed up' over the weekend by eating salmon and pork. Everything is still a 2oz serving 3 times a day and 80 grams of protein in the form of a shake. But seriously, after nearly 4 weeks of cottage cheese, pudding and mashed potatoes - this food was amazing!

We went out for the first time last night. We went to Chili's. My partner and I shared an order of chicken quesadilla's with bacon and ranch. It came with a side of beans and we traded out the rice side for side of mashed potatoes. There were 8 pieces of the quesadilla, a cup of beans and at least a cup of potatoes. My partner was smart enough to order the mashed potatoes in a 'to go' cup right off the bat so they weren't even seen. She - actually having had the surgery - ate a quesadilla wedge extremely slowly and a spoon of beans. I on the other hand was battling the inner food addict the entire time. I had two wedges of quesadilla and 3-4 bites of beans. Then our daughter HAD to have the amazing hot chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and hot fudge dessert. I had one bite that included a bit of everything in it and was honestly satisfied with it.

So overall, it was a very good dining out experience. MUCH different from what would have happened a little over a month ago. I didn't feel 'cheated' from not finishing everything on the plate. We took everything we didn't eat home so it was actually like a reward for not eating everything :)

Till next week...
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