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Monday, August 19, 2013

This weekend's challenge includes posting a blog about how I have weathered the ups and downs of weight loss/learning to live healthy again.

Very much like the trip through the Inside Passage this past Friday, I've had my ups, I've had my downs, I've allowed myself to blow off course, I've had a headwind (my own head) that has held me back. The past year or more, I've been pretty stagnant. and I know it's all about what's going on in my own head...as my running coach says, the longest distance in any race is the 12 inches between your ears. I've allowed that 12 inches to definitely get in my way.
previously, I actually made it to my weight goal, as well as my fitness goal. At one point in this fabulous journey, I was actually down to 125 lbs, and had a body fat measurement of 20%. then the head got in the way, and I've struggled ever since. But...that is the salient point...I've continued on. even if I've frustrated myself, even if I've sabotaged myself, I've continued on.
today, after a full 7 days of rest, relaxation, fun, and family time; myhead appears to be in a better place. Will it stay there? possibly...if it doesn't, will I have a plan in place? Yep...not sure what it shall be yet, but a ghost of a plan is floating around my brainpan, and my ears are in tune to listen. the niggling memory of my old trainer, who helped me achieve that 20% body fat, is making itsself heard. as is the reminder I receive at least once a month that my old gym "wants me back".

As usual, this blog has been a stream of consciousness blat; not much about how I weathered the past, but more about my thinking, and accepting, that I need to weather the future.
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