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Monday is here Again??

Monday, August 19, 2013

It was my birthday yesterday and I did a virtual 5K with JACKSGRAN. I started mine at 4 a.m. to beat the heat. Should get extra credit for fighting off the mosquitoes.

Got home just after 5 and the sun was coming up. I headed for the shower to wash off the insect repellent and sweat and then snuggled in to bed with my dogs. I slept until 10 and then got up and got busy. Had to bake a cake-chose spice since it was MY birthday and get all the "fixins" ready to go with BBQ baby back ribs for the harvest crew. Made deviled eggs and cake so was out of eggs for corn bread. Had to call and borrow from my neighbor.
The field where I was serving dinner is very sandy and it was very windy. Grit and wheat dust and chaff in the air along with mosquitoes and dragonflies. I need to dig out one of my old geology textbooks because it must be an area of glacial silt. Finding lots of variety of interesting rocks up there. My mom rode up with me so I had her dig out $3 worth of quarters since I had no cash on me and she didn't either. Whipped into Wally World and got an 18 pack of eggs.

Came home and opened the trunk to unload the food and dirty dishes. Mom grabbed the sack of dirty plates and silverware and dropped the eggs! Styrofoam container hit square on the bottom. We were laughing on the way up to the house, hoping that out of 18 eggs we would find 2 good ones to return to Denise. 4 were not cracked or damaged. We took the 2 good eggs and 4 pieces of spice cake up to Denise and her family. The cracked ones were too damaged to try to hard boil so we put them in a plastic cup and will have omelets or quiche or something with them. Buy more for today's cooking adventures.

I had some potato salad and finished off the watermelon-about 2 cups and had a small piece of spice cake. Then got busy washing dishes and getting the coolers cleaned out and organized for tomorrow. Read a few more articles in the Sunday paper and decided to head for the laptop to check in with SP. Lots of wonderful wishes for my birthday and calls on the answering machine to answer. I should be ready for bed and I'm starving. I haven't had this starving feeling at night in weeks. It had to be the carbs...the sugar in the watermelon and in the cake and that yummy potato salad.

I dug in the frig to see what I could safely eat. A bag of "dog bones" saved me. I buy beef rib bones and have them cut horizontally in half and then separate them into individual bones and simmer them with carrots and onions and celery to make beef stock, gnaw off some of the meat and then put them in a ziptop so the dogs can finish getting them clean. Well, I hadn't taken any meat off these bones. Was in a hurry to get them out of the stock so I could strain and use it. I didn't do the pristine job that Gus and Grace do, in fact they are working on getting them all meat free as I type this.

All in all it was a good day. My knee is a bit sore but the pool is open today and I'll walk it off after I get home from the field tonight. I'm headed back to the same sandy, dusty field tonight. Tacos and Mexican-type stuff is what they asked for so that's what they'll get.
Need to head out and get ice and little cartons of milk and pick up some sale items at the grocery store. Dogs are content in the grass with their bones and it's time for me to make an omelet and get busy. I had a good birthday, reinforced that I should not eat sugar and carbs and was thankful that I got in my walk before the sun came up. I'm grateful that I CAN walk. That I live in a safe community where you can walk in the dark and borrow eggs from your neighbor. That I have a job that I enjoy and people who enjoy the fruits of my labors, that my mom is healthy and helpful and lives next door. That the wind that blows grit also keeps the mosquitoes away. And that my dogs will share their bones with me.
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