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ETL Cook's Tour 1 Prep, PREP, and more PPRREEPP!

Monday, August 19, 2013

It is a shock to the modern person's system when you realize that YOU need to prep all the fruits and veggies for your ETL salads, soups, stir fries, etc. Yes, you CAN rely on frozen bite sized morsels, but you still have a lot of morsels which you need to to PREP! How do you maintain that pace and still manage the home and family and work and a little you time and a workout?

Well, read on and see if something will help you!

When I come home with produce, I prep it then and store in plastic containers and ziploc bags until ready to use it. So here, the counter is set up to make Monday's Salad Bowl which will go into my lunch salad, and my dinner stir fry.
Everything except the zucchini in the food processor was already prepped on Saturday, and waiting in the refrigerator.

The items on the right are only going to be used at lunch: roasted carrots, steamed snap green beans, and home cooked chick peas.

Next, I'm measuring out what I've come to call my salad bowl: at least 16 ounces of a mix of raw veggies. Today, I've managed to throw together celery, shallots from my garden, tomatoes, yellow sweet pepper strips, and sliced zucchini( in the processor)

I use the empty spinach box to start to measure the 5 vegetables. I keep adding each one until I have 19.5 ounces.

Then I micro process the romaine for my salad and put it in the bowl.

I microprocess half of my salad bowl ingredients and put it on the romaine with 1/2 cup chick peas.

And add the carrots and green beans and drizzle with basalmic glaze.

My last step is to top my salad with Simply Cheesy Kale Krunch,

But first, the collection of bins go back in the refrigerator. The Salad Bowl leftovers goes into its own bin to be ready for my dinner stir fry.

When I got to this point, I realized I had forgotten my wrap with almond butter.

I had no fat in the salad, so I went ahead and made the wrap.

If the processed produce in my bins lingers around for more than 3-4 days, I freeze to put into the next soup or stir fry.

Note: Kale Krunch is a purchased dehydrated product. The ingredients list includes, organic kale, red bell peppers, organic cashews, organic lemon juice, organic nutritional yeast, himalayan crystal salt, and organic chia seeds. 60 of the 100 calories were from fat. I probably could have gotten by with that fat content and not done the wrap. Lunch calories: 505

PS ETL = Eat to Live, a nutritarian approach to eating developed by Dr. Fuhrman. Nutritarian means making choices to eat foods that are packed with micronutrients. For most who try it, we find culture shock needing to learn to prepare and eat more fruits and vegetables than ever before--even for vegetarians. If you are following the program, you try to avoid processed, manufactured food and eat as close to the whole food as possible. You work to become a true kitchen engineer!!
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