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Monday, August 19, 2013

Well after my husband and I finished our weight lifting this morning and we both had showered and had our protein shakes right before he left to go to work this morning he turned around and said "thank you." "For what?" I asked "for being a positive influence and getting me to work out with you."

I was floored. Me be the positive influence? I just wanted him to workout because I know he was tired of being over weight and it is affecting he sleeping (he has sleep apnea) which in turn is affecting my sleep (light sleeper). I was also tired of hearing him call himself a fat@$$. Once I started working out I just kept at it even thought it was exhausting. I started last Monday and by Thursday he started working out with me. I just kept saying from M-W if he wanted to join me that he was welcome to, and Thursday he took me up on it. ^_^ I am a very happy wife right now!

He actually came in this morning and woke me up an hour earlier to workout so he could do it before he went to work this morning. I griped at him that it was way to early and he replied that he wanted to get the workout in before he had to go to work so I hauled myself out of bed and we crushed it this morning! I never expected to be the one to "light a fire under his hiney" as my hubby would put it. But I guess I did. ^_^
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