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From Soften Mechanical Food to Full Bariatric Diet- finally!

Monday, August 19, 2013

On August 21st I will be done with all of the "baby steps" to this program- I will have conquered liquid, pureed and soft mechanical food. And what do I say, "Hip Hip Hooray!"

Well, I will admit I didn't really do the soft mechanical food- I just got so tired of all the work preparing my food, all for one ounce a sitting. So I decided to just cut my meat up tiny with fork and knife. It is SO nice to use a fork and knife again!! And my stomach has done just fine with this. I also didn't realized how much I missed and appreciated my cooking! My wonderful dear husband said he would take over cooking while I was doing this--- and well my husband and son had a lot of Subway, Arby's and frozen pizza and ravioli... not what I was thinking his cooking would be but really I am so thankful I didn't have to worry about any of their meals for 6 weeks. Last night I made a real yummy Mediterranean Chicken with Grapes Kabob recipe and I realized that I like to do the cooking- I know my family is getting heart healthy dinners! Everyone loved it and my son seemed relieved that I was cooking again (and that makes me smile). So I am going back to cooking and right now happy with that decision, we will see how I feel when I go back to work next week.

So what else did I learn about myself this week?? Positives: I think the 7.5 inches that I lost on me made me play golf better!! I finally got the go ahead to play golf and I played my best (I am terrible... so still not taking scores seriously but my shots have improved!). I always complained that my top heavy chest was a disadvantage and hindered my game... well I have lost the most of those 7.5 inches from my chest and I swear it has made a HUGE difference! Also, something positive- I am back to sleeping better. Falling and staying asleep is much easier to do! YES!

I think I have had a few funky moments and I think they are due to being stuck in my house.... I am pretty social and not going out to eat and drink with friends, as often as I was doing is difficult for me. Since most people work, I don't have a lot of friends to do active activities with during the day --- so people meet for drinks/food in the evenings and I am just not there yet. I have gone to restaurants and just sipped tea and have done fine but I really have to wrap my head about changing that part of my lifestyle. That is difficult. I am hoping going back to work will help with that social piece a bit. I think I will play golf after work, for a while- until the weather makes it difficult and that will be great. Exercising in the afternoon will have to be my new lifestyle so I will have to make that my social event... and I like to workout alone -- so that will be new. We will see what happens.

The weight loss is still SLOW moving but it is moving. Probably looking at 2 pounds a week right now and that is slow-- for WLS patient. But I also have been told I will have spurts in between that will be larger losses- it just hasn't happened yet. I am only down 25 pounds, but 7.5 inches all around too. My clothes are getting looser and that is new- a couple of weeks ago I didn't even have that but they are getting looser.

I have been exercising daily or every other day- mostly walking with my Mom (70 and kicking some fierce butt)-- we are up to 2.7 miles (with hills). Added Golf last week. I am very aware how I have to stick with this... you have to move to lose- you just do! I worry about loose skin issues.. I will have it, I know but I figure the more I exercise and stay active the toner my skin will get so I don't have so much sag and bag and then have to contemplate skin removal surgery. I am hoping at 46 that I do have some elasticity left. But I won't know how my body will handle that until next year. BUT I am assuming the more active I am the more tone I will become. So it is a MUST- and I will say I feel SO SO much better emotionally and physically since I have been so consistent with the exercise.

SO on Wednesday I can slowly start introducing all foods into my diet-- finally less restriction! I know I have to try one new food at a time, so I know what works and what doesn't but I am so happy to be at that point! I will be looking into protien bars as I so want to be DONE with shakes!!! I am happy to be able to start with those soon. I am looking forward to BREAD! Even if it is one slice of toast with an egg-- I just CAN NOT WAIT!!

So that is that! Today is my Birthday.... and I am going to walk to my Mom's (1.3 miles from me) and then swim for an hour and then walk back home. I have been blessed with a gorgeous day so perfect for this exercise adventure. My 16 year old son is even joining me- and I am so thrilled with that! It's all good!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I wish you a belated Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns.
    1688 days ago
  • OPERATOR1300
    Happy belated Birthday. We share a birthday, and I am seriously considering WLS so I am happy to have found your blog. I will take this as a good sign! This is an exciting time for you and I wish much success! Thanks for sharing.
    1702 days ago
  • HINK2013
    Hope you had a FABULOUS BIRTHDAY!!! emoticon

    Sounds like you are doing great - staying on track!! Way to celebrate the nonscale victories!
    1702 days ago
    Sounds like your recovering is coming along nicely! I can imagine how exciting it must be to introduce foods back into your diet. Good luck!
    1703 days ago
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