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14 days of Phase ONE...D-O-N-E

Sunday, August 18, 2013

When I started this 14 day journey on August 5, I truly had no idea I would finish because there have been so many "diets" I've started in the past which just didn't hold my interest, or were too hard and complicated to manage.

But this was just setting my mind to HEALTH. Knowing what I have put in my mouth over the years has been poison to keep me from being healthy....made all the difference. I guess I just got MAD.

I got mad alright. I got mad at myself for allowing something to control me (Food).
I got mad at the food giants who are poisoning us with the food we eat.
I got mad at myself for succumbing to their taunts, their teases, their addicting drugs they put in our food.

I simply got mad.

So, for the last 14 days, I have rid my body of those toxins. I have not cheated or swiped "just a bite" of anything I wasn't supposed to. And now, I feel like I have given my body an overhaul.

At this point, I have no cravings for carbohydrates, such as Cheetoes, Cheez-Its, chips, Wheat Thins, bread, or cereal. All those "yummy" foods that I used to not be able to control.

My body is getting its energy (carbs) from veggies. I feel like my metabolism is in high gear. There isn't any high fructose corn syrup in my body. No chemicals that I can't pronounce being transferred to my blood stream. IT IS CLEAN!

I have learned to fill my plate (using a much smaller one) with colorful veggies and protein-rich foods and have learned to appreciate these foods in all their glory.

We are so brain-washed to eat a certain way at a certain time of the day, holidays, special occasions, etc. This week I have broken all those brain-washed ideas. I am re-writing the way I will treat my body.

I am continuing on this journey, onto Phase Two of the DASH Diet and am looking forward to the changes to come.

Thank you for keeping up with my progress. emoticon

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