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Another introduction to me and my goals

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hello Im new here as of 8/18/2013 emoticon
This picture and my profile picture were taken before I had surgery and gained almost 30lbs.....and I STILL dont know why my pics are SIDE WAYS LOL

Im in Phys therapy still from my back surgery ...for the past 3 weeks Ive been doing some lower body and core strengthening...its been 13weeks since surg,
I need to be careful with how much I lift and how I twist or even tho I have PT to ask questions that I may have ..............................
............. emoticon ..............................

emoticon The support I would get on here would outlast how many visits I have left with them and the discussion would be good on here as real support emoticon emoticon emoticon
I thought it would be nice to be hearing personal experience on here from someone who delt with the same situation Im in... or is currently dealing with it and how they over came fear of working out to tone arms , doing aerobics, and other IFFY exercises that you should be careful with or maybe not even do at all.... emoticon emoticon

I used to be 260lbs went down to 150lbs within 2years with diet ,exercise and some crazy LOL
and kept it off for 5years since 2008 emoticon

5months ago I was 150 bouncing to 160 and I was happy with that.. I looked and felt great at that weight!
Of course I did I had dropped 14jean sizes and kept it off !!

BUT then I quit smoking cigs 5months ago and also had back surgery on my L5 S1 disc, they removed a piece of the disc to relieve my sciatic nerve ...(I had aching butt and leg pain for 2years before surgery)

but BEFORE my surgery I gained 10lbs because my nerves switched to food to comfort me when I quit smoking (I smoked for 12 years)

After my surgery one month later I went up to 185lbs :(

So Ive gained like 25-30lbs emoticon emoticon

My Goal is to be back at 160 for now... emoticon

Im fairly healed from surgery it is past the 12 week mark my dr gave me to be healed...and I am still in some physical therapy sessions....

The back issue and the no smoking is leaving me needing support from people who understand the struggle.... emoticon

Thankyou for reading my intro into your community :)


ANY TIPS Of any workout DVDS that are SAFE and maybe even made for someone with slipped discs let me know! !! PEASE! emoticon

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