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Race Report 5k

Saturday, August 17, 2013

So, I still haven't run the whole way, but I did improve my time by 2 minutes. It was an early start. The race started at 7:10am (the half marathon started at 7am). We were asked to get there an hour early, and Erie is an hour south of my hometown. Plus we figured parking and traffic might be an issue. So, I got up at 3:55am, so that I would be ready when my ride arrived at 4:30. Ugh! I am a night owl, so this was a massive accomplishment for me. We arrived in plenty of time, and parking was well managed by the volunteers. I decided to use the restroom, which meant standing in line for at least 20 minutes for the ladies room (there was no line for the men, and some of the ladies skipped over there and used theirs, I am just not that adventurous). Glad I did though, as I just know I would have felt the urge at mile 2 if I hadn't. The half marathon started, then the 5k folks lined up in the corrals. I was in the third corral. They didn't separate walkers and runners, so when it was my turn to start I had to dodge around walkers not only from the corral I was in, but also the previous two, which slowed my pace down pretty significantly. That might have been a good thing, as it forced me to hold back a little at the start. I ran the first two miles without much trouble, but took two short walking breaks in the last mile. I didn't have anyone to run with this time, so it was hard to keep myself running. I guess I am a social runner! I did find someone to run behind from about the halfway point (thanks to the woman in the gray tank and purple shorts... whoever you are). This race was pretty big. I was number 6205, I think, and I saw some bibs in the 7,000s as well. I can't remember if there were any 8,000s, but I think there were. Anyway, the conditions were ideal for running, and the course was pretty flat, so I was able to set a good pace after playing dodge em at the start. I did what I set out to do, which was to improve on my previous 5k result. I finished in 33:08 last time and 31:18 this time. Not bad. Maybe next time I will get it under 30 minutes. I checked the results before we left and I was 12th for women in my age group. I am pretty happy with that as it looked like there were some serious runners there. Next year I move up an age group, so maybe I will place higher. (lol!!)

They had water and snacks at the finish line, but I wasn't hungry yet, so I just had a banana and a bottle of water, but after about half an hour of driving my ride and I were both ravenous, so we stopped for fast food. I tracked what I ate and it was over 1,000 calories! That will teach me not to forgo the healthy snacks at the finish line. I didn't really have much breakfast though, and I had a light lunch, so it wasn't a total disaster. I am also planning on paddling for at least 2 hours this evening, so I will burn off all those calories without a doubt.

I am keeping my race bibs this year and writing my times on them. That will help keep me focused on improving my speed. We also got finisher's medals today. My first one! (That sucker is heavy!)

So, I am feeling good about the race. I have a goal for the next one, and possibly a goal to do the half marathon next year at Presque Isle. (I did need a short nap in the hammock with my dog to recuperate, but I should be good for the rest of the day now.)
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