Back in April I was 292ish, Todays weigh in.. :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Earlier this year I was in the 290's and when I went back on a weight loss plan in June of this year I promised myself that I wouldn't stop until I got down to 145 or even 150.

This morning I weighed myself, it was just after sunrise, I'm coming in at 266.5 ... I'm going to do this. I will NO loner be some obese fatty who falls into depression every time I look in the mirror, or when someone makes a comment or looks at me like I'm some creature because I'm obese.

I'm human! Those things hurt.

YES. There are people that are happy as can be and considered overweight and thats great, but I'M not happy being fat and out of shape.

Turning 41 next month... and before I celebrate my 42nd birthday I will be in the BEST shape o MY life. Still celebrating next month... after all it is my birthday.. but I'll be making the homemade gelato (with greek yogurt) and making a small cake with egg whites and protein powder and a few other tasty ingredients.

Hoping to get my new running shoes this week.

Happy Saturday Spark family!!!
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