Cheat Days????

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Do you indulge in a cheat day? If so how do you keep from it turning into a total binge that lasts beyond that day?

I know many people think you have to do this so that you don't feel deprived along the way. Lets just say yesterday was my cheat day. I did it big as I do all things. Don't know how to indulge in any vice in a small way. Thank you addictive personality. Anyway I know that today I need to get on track. I am going to but I am starting over again and the desire is strong with me at the moment. How do I do this when the desire isn't so strong as it happens at times?

Anyway its the weekend and around here they are usually pretty busy. Hope everyone has a great one.
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    I have been trying to not have a day off. Because with me having a day off I would most likely put weight back on. Especially as I haven't lost that much to allow myself a day off. I have gone off track a few times and got straight back on track.And been good in the way that I haven't overdone things tooooo much when I went off track. Which normally I would make a good effort of pigging out When I got off track.

    I did have last week which I wasn't too strict. Especially on my birthday I had a nice meal and some treats. I haven't weighed in to see what damage I might have done. And I am back on track this week.
    I am like you in the way that if I do something I do it bigtime. That includes when I smoked as well.
    Keep up the great work emoticon emoticon
    1761 days ago
  • SKY214
    I try to stay at the low end of my calorie range during the week and on the weekends indulge at the higher end of the range. It makes me feel like they are "cheat' days even though they really are not.

    Good Luck!!!
    1764 days ago
    I have some cheat days - some planned, some not. Planned cheat days are holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. I usually try to make the food as healthy as possible and I do use portion control and eat only a small amount. i may have leftovers the next day but try not to make large quantities that last real long. I think days like this are important because they should be different than every day. It's how we ate when I was young and thin. We had dessert on special occasions. After a bout with rich food I'm usually sick of it and ready to get back on plan.
    1765 days ago
  • CANDIK48
    My plan requires one "cheat" day per week. For 6 days a week, I eat on plan slow carb high protein foods and on the 7th day, after eating an on plan breakfast, I eat whatever I want, when ever I want and with no accountability for quantities or content. The idea behind that is to make sure my body doesn't enter the dreaded "survival" mode where I hold onto every single little calorie I consume. Usually I see an increase in my weight the first day but within a day or so, it's gone and I'm back in losing mode. I know it's just water retention and carb bloat since I have yet to eat the several thousand calories on cheat day that would equate to a real pound. My eating plan may not work for everyone but it works for me!
    1765 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    I don't call it a "cheat day" because then I feel like I am cheating and either I go whole hog or feel guilty all day. I just take a day off from tracking, and eat what I want that day. Last week was brownies and yogurt covered raisins, today will be fair food and pumpkin pie. The next day is hard to get back to tracking though, I won't lie. Especially if there are leftovers in the fridge (which I try to avoid).

    I understand the idea of working small treats in throughout the week, and I do some of that - but for some things that just won't cut it. I can eat a single serving of ice cream or chips or many other things, but who wants the 1/2 a brownie I can fit into a normal day? I'd rather save that for a Saturday and if I'm still craving it have a whole one or even a couple.
    1765 days ago
    I don't plan cheat days, but neither do I eliminate anything completely from my diet, if I feel like "indulging" in something, I try to fit that into my plan for the day, if I go overboard then I make it a point to stick to the lowest end of my calorie range for a few days. Haven't you been low on your total calories for a while? Hopefully this will make it easier for you to get right back into your grove today! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! emoticon
    1765 days ago
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