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At the Edge of the End

Saturday, August 17, 2013

And so it's here. The silent Friday night I always spend here before my big Mexico vacation. I bring the boys over to my parents house when I bring my brother home from work and get them all set up for their visit and make sure their cans of food are stacked and the litter box is all ready to go. I probably won't be picking them up until Monday, September 2nd. My parents like having them visit and love taking care of them. I am blessed in that fact.

I think I am packed then. Except for this laptop of course which goes in last. It will be time to go to bed soon, I'll be leaving for the airport in 8 hours and 22 minutes. I have an around the neck pillow so I'll be falling asleep on the flight I'm sure. I've also memorized how to reset my watch without messing everything else up. I didn't buy the replacement warranty because it lasts longer than the warranty does. If I realized how waterproof it was (I dove with it to 140 feet last year) the band would never have broke because I never would have taken it on and off so much. I have skinny wrists and tend to stress the band pulling it tight to near the last hole. That band survived 3 years before breaking and it's not one you can replace. This watch was on sale for around $32.

The old model was red, this one is the most fun pink and my nails match this week for vacation. So do my toes, it was mani/pedi day before leaving. It's just about the same exact watch. I like the size, it's not the smallest and it's not the widest, it's just in between. They had a blue face with a fabric band but I don't like waiting for that fabric to dry on my skin. The grand test will be to simply go diving with this new watch, the old one served me well so I trust the brand.

So tomorrow I get to wear not too much more than a bikini for 2 weeks straight. It's a very liberating time for me. I've never once made it to my goal for vacation and I've never once hid from the beach when I go so it's still a triumph. Besides I look pretty good right now at this weight with all the strength training I've done with the weight loss. Stronger muscles and better posture are always a plus as you're losing weight.

I'm looking forward to being spoiled on the plane tomorrow. Flying alone on JetBlue I always upgrade to the more space seats, it's nice to have the attention when you're flying solo. With my little pillow I might just be dead to the world for the duration of the flight. So I expect to leave for the airport in 8 hours so I should try to get some good sleep now and relax before the big day of getting there. Good night everyone, I'll be writing from Mexico next!

Yes I did pack sneakers, 2 sports bras and some work out clothes in my carry on since I had the extra room when my suitcase came in light at 43 pounds. I will be using the fitness room and keeping up with my 5K work outs!

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