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Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy TGIF!! I was hoping that my week would end on a whimper but oh nooooo...it blew up in my face at work. I'm dealing with it but it wasn't a pretty picture. emoticon Nothing bad happening to me...just some last min (as in project done 2 weeks ago and NOW they make changes!?) stuff. So TGIF!!

I had a heart to heart with hubby last night. He's been hopping on to the scale every morning, and the scale stays the same of goes up a bit. His Dr says he's pre or just starting being diabetic, his feet hurt a lot after a while, and he's always tried. The Dr gave him pills for the diabetic thing but they make him woozy. He was almost in tears last night over all of this. I told him I worry about him and that we need to find SOMETHING he can do to get some exercise. And I'm going to try to cook a bit healthier. He can't do a lot of walking so the treadmill is out right now. I told him that we get his weight down, the diabetes will improve, he'll feel better. I also told him I don't want anything to happen to him. He's cut his Pepsi back to maybe one a day (some days none) and switched from Pepsi Throwback (loads of sugar) to Pepsi Max (like 0 sugars), no beer, and has stopped smoking (that was months ago). I need to find something for him to do. Any ideas out there? emoticon

At work we have a program called Healthy Tracks. We earn points for a variety of actives, like working out, eating right, attending Healthy Tracks Seminars (cooking demos, etc), getting check ups, etc. There are 3 levels, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Everyone that makes Silver gets a prize. Gold goes into a prize drawing, as does Platinum. I'm at Platinum now, so my name will go into both the Gold and Platinum levels. I picked up my Silver prize this afternoon. It's a Cool Gear Collapsible Salad To Go Set. I'm going to try and use it for my lunch everyday at work. This is what it looks like:

Karry and Nick went to Boise for a show (Nick's a great DJ!) the day before yesterday. Caleb is staying with my mom (he has football practice) and Malia went to her other grandma's house. Having both kids is a bit much for my mom, she's almost 80 after all (although she's a lively almost 80 year old). Karry and Nick will be back tonight or tomorrow. emoticon

Eating was good most of yesterday. A bit off late in the evening. Today has been OK so far, but we're going out to dinner tonight. Sushi I think, so we'll see where I end up. I'm not going to sweat it though. emoticon

OK..that will do it for now. Lets move onto the weekend!! emoticon

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    Did the doc give Chuck a meter so he could check his sugar? If not, that would be the first thing I would do. Most docs will give you one when they diagnose you. They get them free from companies because the companies make their money on the test strips. I can tell you the best times to check if you're interested.

    In the meantime, stop making/having desserts except maybe once a week on the weekend. Make sure only ONE serving of pastas, potatoes, and rice. And NO pizza. Eating out will always make his blood sugar spike. (You should have seen mine when Stef was here, even though I was choosing the healthiest things I could. It's taken it almost two weeks to level out again.) Load up on fruits and veggies. And be careful of even the diet pop. There is a link there to weight gain.

    What med did the doc give him? If the doc isn't an endocrinologist, see if there's one in town. He will be more on top of it than just a regular doc. The thing is, if he can get his sugar down by controlling his portions and what he eats and get out in front of it, he can probably get off the med pretty quickly. If his feet are burning and hurting a lot, he probably has had "pre-diabetes" for quite awhile and already has some minor nerve damage.

    Joanie has been riding Arn's butt to get with the program with his insulin. He has just felt so, so crappy. (And he's so bullheaded!) Well two weeks ago he finally started paying attention and his sugar is coming down steadily now. AND he's feelings tons better already. Doesn't feel like he's 78 any more.

    It's important to attack the diabetes head on. And it might not hurt to look up stats for Hawaiians and diabetes to see if it's something that is a major issue with them.

    I am just so sorry to hear this. It is such a struggle when it gets away from you. Give him a BIG hug from me.

    Love ya,
    1743 days ago
  • KATHY98665
    Hang in there! And tell your husband he CAN turn things around! I am off Metformin and high blood pressure meds now for 18 months. I have blogged about it. My recent one is called Sweet Honesty: A Diabetes Story.
    Have you thought about a pool? Exercising in the water is so easy on the joints, and you can swim, or jog, or do classes. It is a good workout and might be easier on his feet.
    Love the prize you won! Congrats!
    1744 days ago
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