Taking Things For What They Are and Going At This -Again-

Friday, August 16, 2013

Okay so.. it has been a WHILE since I was last on SparkPeople. This is due to various reasons:

Life getting busy, financial stress, school... just trying to survive in general. Add into it that our food stamps got cut because I am going to school online and yeah you have a nice little mess...

Since starting on my journey this time last year, I have went from 240 lbs thereabout to 204 lbs then back up to 215 lbs or so. It's a little depressing. The weather hasn't been as nice for walking outside and I don't have the money to go walk on our only in-door track in town. So suffice to say, this past year activity wise hasn't been the greatest. I do walk everywhere pretty much. So that does help whether I want to say it or not (my car being down is a good thing in this instance..).

Add into this mess the fact that I am having to sacrifice the way I really want to eat for the good of the family at large (feeding five people just enough to survive is a challenge much-less feeding them and myself in a health friendly way? yeah...).

So I am at a point of having to take things for what they are and settling for what I can accomplish.
I've had to reassess my goals. I'm not going to be super sexy in time for my 1 year wedding anniversary. This makes me really sad. But it's where I am at. I would like to be by next summer but that might not be the case... So here is where I am goal wise:

(1.) Get in some kind of activity multiple times a week. Be it a 6-minute workout I found on Pinterest from SparkPeople (something like the No-Excuse Workout or something) or just walking to run errands.

(2.) Cut out as much pop as possible. I'm not cutting it out COMPLETELY. Special occasions: celebrations at home, going out to eat, etc. It's a special treat. Sometimes even a just because treat. So I'm going to try and limit my intake to once or twice a week.

(3.) Even though I have a physical deformity to deal with right now (fatty mass on my neck), it's time I start re-convincing myself of what I see in the mirror.
My arms aren't super fatty or flabby;
my legs as a general rule are good (not long and lean but they are okay, not super huge or flabby);
I don't have a ton of back-fat;
I don't have a huge butt.
My main issue is the weight in my mid-section. Other than that, I could be A LOT worse off. I need to remind myself of this. I can't beat myself up constantly over this. A lot of the fat there is stress-hormone related and some diet.

(4.) Don't set up weekly or even monthly goals. As a woman, my weight will go back and forth a little just because of the chemical make-up and workings of my body. I can't set a goal and then get depressed at going back up 2-5 or even 10 lbs due to bloat, etc. Do I want to lose down to 160 by next summer or December 10, 2014? Yes. Oh God, YES. But I get discouraged EASILY. This should remove that.

Will I still weigh-in weekly or bi-weekly? Hopefully (soon as I get some batteries for my scale). But setting short-term goals? That doesn't even work for me.

So here we go... what... round 4?

Till next time ~
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    And you will win... Keep pushing
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