Immigrants Among Us

Friday, August 16, 2013

Greetings, fellow Sparkies. I've been under the weather so I haven't been an active researcher. That is going to change. The subject of immigration can be debated until every one is blue in the face. Without going into those shark-infested waters, I am offering some really great ways in which immigrants have built this country (with the exception of Goldman Sachs). So here goes.


Was invented by a Russian.

AT&T was

Was the brain child of a very enterprising immigrant from Scotland.

Goldman Sachs is sitting in the corner until it can play nice.

They were a product from Germany - a big banking investment product.


Was a contribution to us from French immigrants.

Colgate and it's dental health products are famous.

Came from an Englishman.

Radio Shack

Was an Englishman's idea.


Was a contribution from a Polish immigrant.

Big Lots

A new immigrant from Russia had this idea.

The giant Yahoo

Had it's founding father from Taiwan.

Nordstrom is a high end retailer.

And it came out of a Swedish immigrant seeking a new life.

Sara Lee

This company started out in Canada when the founder's family read the map wrong and ended up in Canada instead of New York.

DuPont is a world wide player in chemistry - They invented "Better Living Through Chemistry"

This mega company came to us through an immigrant leaving France.

Kraft Foods

The original Kraft came to us via Canada. See how they've linked with Hormel?

Pfizer is a company with billions in revenue. You probably take a drug they made.

A German coming to America with his chemistry book.

Proctor and Gamble is the last entry and is the owner of hundred of patents. You have a good deal of their products at home.

This was a company with two leaders, one in England and the other from Ireland who put together this massive array of household products.

So now you can see how immigrants changed the way we do business and spend our money. Where would we be without their contributions?

Your investigative reporter~Jessica

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