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Tired from a long drive; very early start tomorrow.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

This morning we set off from Dingwall and headed up the lochs, starting with Loch Ness, toward Oban. The roads were good, but the roads themselves were nothing I wouldn't see in Western Maryland or West Virginia. The highlands surrounding the lakes were quite beautiful with mist rising out of them. Unfortunately, that mist persisted all day and by the time we reached the western shore, it was fog.

And of course the dearth of potties was definitely felt by us. They were few and far between and while as a guy, the world is my potty, She(WMBO) is a bit more squeamish about "going Euro."

When we last we talked to people in Dingwall about Oban, we were left with the impression that we were headed for the far hinterlands.

"Little place, one road in through and out. Not much there."

That described Dingwall and if Dingwall was describing Oban that way, what must Oban be like?

It's actually a hustling town with a very active downtown, a long front street, a ferry terminal serving most of the Western Islands, and many hotels. I think Dingwall has a little town-envy going on.

We arrived too early for check in so we walked up to the Ferry terminal to purchase my passage to the Isle of Coll tomorrow morning. At 5:45 AM. Ugh. But I have gotten myself together and I am ready to go at the butt crack of dawn.

So no pictures tonight though heavens knows I have gigabytes of them. I am just too tired and in need of getting to bed early to get to them. I will be posting my best Vacay pix in the coming weeks when I have more time to sort through them, throw out the garbage, touch up the contrast and white balance, and shrink them down to size.

I will post one. Yesterday, I pulled out my little point and shoot and I discovered that the LCD screen on the back was broken. It only cost me $30 so no big loss and the camera still works, now it's just *really* a point and shoot and hope. We had a cheese sampler for lunch yesterday and I used it to take a picture. Not at all mindful of what was on the table, I decided I could always crop it. But this it what I got.

If I had posed that scene, I do not think I could have done better.

PS: I mentioned that I hadn't seen many Catholic Churches since I had been here? Well our hotel in Oban is right next door to the Catholic Cathedral for Argyll and the Islands Diocese and its bells are ringing every hour. Hope it stops tonight.

PPS: If no one hears from me for the next couple of days, know that Coll is a little place. I have no idea if they have reliable internet service and since I am camping, I am not entirely sure I will even have power on my phone after Saturday night. We will see.

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